North Korea Says It Has Detonated Its First Hydrogen Bomb – The Global Economic Bomb Lies Ahead

The markets tailspin has nothing to do with Korea and though North Korea does run the risk of incipient nuclear stupidity in the coming year, the economic, social and geopolitical explosions that are, in my humble opinion, now almost a certainty will be, from a civilizational perspective,far more destructive than any risks posed by the little dictator in the Hermit Kingdom.

I have not listened to CNBC and the likes of Jim Cramer for years, but decided to do so this morning given the further anticipated collapse in equities and, besides being sickened to my stomach by the inanity of the verbiage puking forth from the talking heads,  I am reminded again, as if I needed to be, that the mainstream media’s true goal is not enlightenment but just the opposite; the brainwashing of the American mind into a complacent jiggling jello.

Complicity in imbuing a lobotomized complacency in the general public allows the elites to drain the last drop of what is likely already fictitious  wealth from the American public and leaves us unprepared for the massive collapse and social unrest that lies immediately ahead. But, pardon the digression, this was intended to be a post about the ineffectiveness of US foreign policy when it does not start and end with the destruction of nations and the death of millions.

The claim, if true, would dramatically escalate the nuclear challenge from one of the world’s most isolated and dangerous states.

North Korea Says It Has Detonated Its First Hydrogen Bomb


A lot of people were expecting some really big things to happen in 2015, and most of them did not happen.  But what did happen?  It is my contention that a global financial crisis began during the second half of 2015, and it threatens to greatly accelerate as we enter 2016.  During the last six months of the year that just ended, financial markets all over the planet crashed, trillions of dollars of global wealth was wiped out, and some of the largest economies in the world plunged into recession.  Here in the United States, 2015 was the worst year for stocks since 2008, nearly 70 percent of all investors lost money last year, and it is being projected that the final numbers will show that close to 1,000 hedge funds permanently shut down within the last 12 months.  This is what the early stages of a financial crisis look like, and the worst is yet to come.

What Really Happened In 2015 And What Is Coming In 2016