Nusra On The Run – Trump Induces First Major Policy Change On Syria: Assad Is Not and Never Has Been America’s Enemy

The neocon destruction of Syria and those regimes that are not client states subservient to the economic, financial and military industrial elites of the American Empire in the Middle East is over. Or it hopefully will be soon. The plan laid out by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kagan and Kristol, along with a gaggle of well-known and powerful militaristic expansionists from the Project for the New American Century, was to dominate the Arab world and ultimately Iran may be, under a Trump presidency finally buried.

peace-in-syria-262x300If it were not buried under the blood and flesh of thousands of innocent Arabs and the sacrifice of so many American men and women the end of the insanity that was American imperial policy in the Middle East should be celebrated across this land. Not one of the Arab leaders or nations that we destroyed without mercy were existential threats to the United States, not even remotely. Their sin was that they were not willing to be vassals under the American Imperium. They did not buy our military hardware, they did not pay homage to the Federal Reserve and the dollar nor the banking cartel of the Anglo-American axis and they sought  alliances independent of American dictate.

For this, and this alone, they had to be destroyed. America is the evil empire and it has been led by an evil, duplicitous and corrupt political class and corporate power elite. We can only hope and pray that the tyranny of our nation’s sword will now end. What still astonishes me is how the left has gone from anti-empire to supporting the most vociferous supporters of it simply because they have called themselves progressives. 

Nusra On The Run – Trump Induces First Major Policy Change On Syria–Source: Moon of Alabama

The people loyal to the Syrian government are happy with Donald Trump winning the U.S. election:

At the passport counter, a Syrian officer’s face lit up when he saw an American traveler.“Congratulations on your new president!” he exclaimed, giving an energetic thumbs up. Mr. Trump, he said, would be “good for Syria.”

The first significant step of the new administration comes while Trump is not even in offices. Obama, selfishly concerned with his historic legacy, suddenly makes a 180 degree turn and starts to implement Trump polices. Lets consider the initial position:

Asked about Aleppo in an October debate with Clinton, Trump said it was a humanitarian disaster but the city had “basically” fallen. Clinton, he said, was talking in favor of rebels without knowing who they were.The rebels fighting Assad in western Syria include nationalists fighting under the Free Syrian Army banner, some of them trained in a CIA-backed program, and jihadists such as the group formerly known as the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.

The Obama administration, through the CIA led by Saudi asset John Brennan, fed weapons, training and billions of dollars to “moderate rebels”. These then turned around (vid) and either gave the CIA gifts to al-Qaeda in Syria (aka Jabhat al Nusra) or joined it themselves. The scheme was no secret at all and Russia as well as Syria pointed this out several times. The Russian foreign Minister Lavrov negotiated with the U.S. secretary of State Kerry who promised to separate the “moderate rebels” from al-Qaeda. But Kerry never delivered. Instead he falsely accuse Russia of committing atrocities that never happened. The CIA kept the upper hand within the Obama administration and continued its nefarious plans.

That changed the day the president-elect Trump set foot into the White House. While Obama met Trump in the oval office, new policies, prepared beforehand, were launched. The policies were held back until after the election and would likely not have been revealed or implemented if Clinton had won.


The U.S. declared that from now on it will fight against al-Qaeda in Syria:

President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to find and kill the leaders of an al-Qaeda-linked group in Syria that the administration had largely ignored until now and that has been at the vanguard of the fight against the Syrian government, U.S. officials said.That shift is likely to accelerate once President-elect Donald Trump takes office. … possibly in direct cooperation with Moscow.

U.S. officials who opposed the decision to go after al-Nusra’s wider leadership warned that the United States would effectively be doing the Assad government’s bidding by weakening a group on the front line of the counter-Assad fight.

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and other Pentagon leaders initially resisted the idea of devoting more Pentagon surveillance aircraft and armed drones against al-Nusra.


Source: M of A – Nusra On The Run – Trump Induces First Major Policy Change On Syria