The Obama Deception HQ Full length version – Not New, But A Must Watch-even once more

As the fraud that is the elite created reality most live cocooned within starts to unravel and more and more begin to understand the perils ahead the time is coming for more than just fostering increasing awareness of the truth, such as that revealed by Assange and Wikileaks and others that have hacked into the secretes of the corrupt elites, awareness without action is doomed to failure. We have entered the most critical period for America and for all of what remains of Western Civilization. Do not underestimate the threat. It can happen here, because it already has been happening here.  

This is an excellent and well done movie from 2009, we are closer to the end game then then. We are closer to the either the end of what remains of American freedom and liberty or its rebirth. I cannot express strongly enough how dangerous the times are. Reach out in anyway you can to shake the lobotomized and brainwashed around you to the reality of our world and the peril. Our time is running out all too rapidly.