Obama: Iran Won’t Pursue Nuclear Weapons Because It’s ‘Contrary to Their Faith’ –Obama channels Chamberlain?

koran_toiletIn joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Monday, President Obama said he believed a deal with Iran on nuclear weapons was possible because Supreme Leader Khamenei said it would be “contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon.”

The issues now are sufficiently narrowed and sufficiently clarified where we’re at a point where they need to make a decision. We are presenting to them in a unified fashion, the P5+1 supported by a coalition of countries around the world are presenting to them a deal that allows them to have peaceful nuclear power but gives us the absolute assurance that is verifiable that they are not pursuing a nuclear weapon.And if in fact what they claim is true, which is they have no aspiration to get a nuclear weapon, that in fact, according to their Supreme Leader, it would be contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon, if that is true, there should be the possibility of getting a deal. They should be able to get to yes. But we don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Later stage radical NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) the delusional one begins to lose all sense of reality and revert back to their original beliefs. In the case of The Obama: Islam and anti-Christian totalitarian socialism. Yesterday’s press conference with the German Chancellor was almost as asininely juvenile as his comments on Christians burning Muslims  1400 years ago being comparable to the burning of the caged Jordanian pilot alive for their faiths clear amusement. Humans may take millions of years to evolve to a more empathetic organism, but cultures and civilizations do evolve. The superior cultures develop through religion social ethics and law restraints that ameliorate the evils that reside in all of us.

Islam is a religion that, when combined with the anachronistic desert and nomadic mentalities of the Arabic cultures that have been frozen in the social, moral and ethical tundra of the time of the “Prophet Muhammad”,  is inherently, dangerously culturally undeveloped and evolutionarily inferior. This is, of course, despite all of the great contributions that, according to Obama, the Arab Muslim Ummah has bequeathed to American and Western Civilization. Think of all those wonderful  symphonies, extraordinary modern plays and books of great scientific import.

The president of the United States may have become totally unhinged?

Obama: Iran Won’t Pursue Nuclear Weapons Because It’s ‘Contrary to Their Faith’ | Truth Revolt.