Obama Is A LIar

obama-lord-of-the-lies-550x310Obama has lied his way through 8 years of insanity puking forth from his White House and all of Washington. He lied about Obamacare. He lied about the Iran deal many times from the specifics to the 1.7 billion dollar resume. He lied about Hillary and his knowledge of her private server. He lied about knowing Robert Creamer well. He lies about election fraud in America. The man is a puppet of the power elites, slithery, smarmy and deceitful. Too damn bad he is such a good actor.  

Bob Creamer has known Obama since he was a community organizer. Of course, so did all of the other puppet masters of the rotting American democracy-in-name-only. He has been groomed for his starring role from the very start. The CFR, David Rockefeller’s today Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and the whole nefarious crew have likely been in the shadows guiding his way from Columbia to Harvard and to Chicago, the perfect town to learn the tools and methods to foster the chaos he has so successfully wrought over such a short period of time.  

What is critical, however, to remember is that Obama is nothing more than the cherry on the top of a cake that has been worked and baking for generations. He follows on the heels of two Bush’s and a Clinton, all treasonous criminals, that were setting up for just this moment. The light that is now shining on the evil that is Obama, Clinton and the whole corrupt insider power establishment has been clearly unexpectedly bright, thanks to some courageous individuals and the power of the internet. However, as I have been warning for some time now, the truth will either destroy them all or be the catalyst for a repression and violence erupting from “our” government the likes of which have never been seen on American soil.

This is the most dangerous time for this nation and either we overpower these evil, treasonous criminals in the next few weeks and the months to follow, or we become slaves of the New World Order for generations. This is war, do not underestimate it. 

Bring these totally corrupt, evil pigs to trial–and then place them in jail and throw away the key!