Obama Is Working With the Wrong Partners in Iraq – Defense One–( It depends on “his” intentions, though. Does it not?)

In a period of general upheaval, a country that maintains domestic authority is in a position to exploit chaos in neighboring states for larger international objectives.

==World Order (Henry Kissinger)

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ProjectStill the following ending summary statement, “In sum, Obama has initiated the third major war of the 21st Century, while applying political and military covenants that make his goal—the destruction of ISIS—impossible to achieve. He has bequeathed to his successor a geopolitical and wartime mess”, implies that this very likely result is something unexpected, which it is obviously not. As it has been elucidated by Leon Panetta, America has embarked on another 30 years war and thus the mess that is unfolding has been very well articulated. To think this former Obama administration senior executive is expressing thoughts not well understood within the Oval Office would be a a grave mistake.

If you do not know your history, please go back to your books and read up on the last “30 years war”, the war between the then Great Powers, the Princes and their amalgamated domains, that tore Europe apart between 1618-1648. A war that devastated the populations of Europe, bankrupted most of the participants and most importantly for subsequent generations, led to the Peace of Westphalia. A treaty which was the most important event that not only defined the nation state as we still know it today, but how these states should act among each other.

As Henry Kissinger (brilliant, but a war criminal in my book) states in his recently published new book, “The Peace of Westphalia became a turning point in the history of nations because the elements it set in place were as uncomplicated as they were sweeping. The state, not the empire, dynasty, or religious confession, was affirmed as the building block of European order. The concept of state sovereignty was established. The right of each signatory to choose its own domestic structure and religious orientation free from intervention was affirmed, while novel clauses ensured that minority sects could practice their faith in peace and be free from the prospect of forced conversion. Beyond the immediate demands of the moment, the principles of a system of “international relations” were taking shape, motivated by the common desire to avoid a recurrence of total war on the Continent.” the_ratification_of_the_treaty_of_munster,_gerard_ter_borch_(1648)

The key point here, and to think that an extremely intelligent man like Leon Panetta, no matter how corrupted by power he may be, is unaware of the historical significance of describing our new war with ISIS and Islamic radicalism as a 30 years war, would be a great mistake. It is not the profits and power that accrue to the power elites in such a war, but that it led to such a significant event, a New World Order. One that defined the manner of the external interactions of States and governments in Europe, in one way or another, well past the subsequent Napoleonic wars important peace treaty, the treaty that created relative peace in Europe for almost 100 years, von Metternich’s Congress of Vienna. The Peace of Westphalia indeed, can be said to have lasted up until the First World War.

Out of chaos comes order, always so in complex, dynamic systems. What kind of order do the power elites wish to impose on America and the world? I strongly hope we do not have to find out.


By overreaching, America lost the first two wars in the 21st Century. In invading Afghanistan and Iraq, President George W. Bush set as the end goal the creation of two democracies. The U.S. military heartily agreed, creating a counterinsurgency doctrine that declared, “Soldiers and Marines are nation-builders as well as warriors.” The primary purpose of military operations—boots on the ground—was not to destroy the insurgents or to train an indigenous army.

Our troops were meant to protect and to persuade Iraqis and Afghans to support their new governments. The people were not the prize at war’s end; instead, they were the means of winning the war. Retired Gen. Tony Zinni has described this as, “the (Gen. David ) Petraeus approach that aims to change the culture that breeds or gives sanctuary to extremists.” Adroit as Petraeus was, he and more than a dozen other top American commanders over a decade failed to change Islamic cultures. Afghanistan remains endemically corrupt, with the Taliban still posing a mortal threat. In Iraq, the sectarian Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Shiite political parties oppressed the Sunnis, enabling the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, or ISIS, to seize the northern part of the country.

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