Obama knew for months of intel community’s concerns about Islamic State – Washington Times

Do you ever get the feeling this guy just does not care anymore? It has all been an act anyway, but for those that think the narcissist in chief has been calling the shots in the White House all along, his apparently increasing absence from reality must be a tad disconcerting. However, rest assured the unfolding global chaos is proceeding as planned. If chaos breeds order, and within the realm of physics it inevitably does than the emergent order, still embryonic and for most unseen, should be the worry for all Americans. For all Americans, except for the masterminds behind it all of whom Obama may be simply the convenient figurehead, now turned pincushion.

Remember, although he has a few years left on the global stage of a world very clearly weary of his presence upon it, he is practically retired to an existence of luxury only the ultra rich could dream of. Everything being done now is a set up for 2016, everything. The mid-terms are a relatively meaningless but necessary distraction, a minor perturbation. A “revolt” against Obama and his policies will have little practical effect, but will serve the purpose of rejuvenating the totally false sense of democracy among the American people, obviously to be fanned by the compliant media. It is all still part of the illusion, like the environmental movement is a soporific for the disgruntled democratically oriented and it will likely still work as planned.

Obama-liar-in-chiefU.S. policy leaders, including President Obama, were repeatedly warned by the U.S. intelligence community over the last year that the Islamic State movement was gaining significant strength and would pose a major threat to regional stability if left unchecked by Iraq’s struggling military.

The warnings, some in private and others in public testimony, conflict with Mr. Obama’s nationally televised proclamation Sunday night that US intelligence had underestimated both the Islamic State’s strength and the ability and will of Iraqis to combat it, according to US intelligence officials familiar with the briefings.

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via Obama knew for months of intel community’s concerns about Islamic State – Washington Times.