Obama’s Asia Trip: High Hopes Expressed for Expanded Trade  – Trans Pacific Partnership is the real prize-not peace in the Middle East or even a deal with Iran

tpp-01If you believe that the giant transnational corporations that happen to be domiciled in the United States, at least those who have not inverted already for tax purposes, have the interests of America as a nation or it’s people at heart when they dictate trade policy to their functionaries and toadies within our Federal government then drop another tab and pray your trip does not end up taking you remotely into the grotesque caricature  of borderless, crony capitalist fascistic greed that the Trans Pacific Partnership will undoubtedly become.

Remember that free markets are anathema to corporate capitalists as freedom is to fascism. The TPP affirms both postulates.  On the surface China should be opposed as it appears to be another movement towards corporate hegemony over national law, but then nothing is as it seems beneath the veneer of accepted dogma, the consensual group thought of the brainwashed masses.

WASHINGTON—As President Obama and his team embark to Asia this week, foreign policy experts from Brookings Institution and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) have been eager to share their advice.

Suggestions on trade and investments take center stage, but experts are also looking at how the president will address other issues in China: the protests in Hong Kong, the country’s aggressive stance in the East and South China Seas, and cyber hacking and espionage.

The Obama’s itinerary begins with attending the APEC meeting, Nov. 10-11, hosted by China in a suburb of Beijing, followed by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders Meeting.

While in China, President Obama will have a state visit with Xi Jinping. Much has been discussed of the visit, and the strained relationship between both countries. The two leaders have not had a face-to-face meeting since they met in Sunnylands, California in June 2013.

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Obama Is Negotiating the Biggest Trade Deal in Human History – It Would Gouge the American Economy | Alternet

R2013-08_cartoonight now – the Obama administration is negotiating the biggest trade deal in human history.

If approved – The Trans-Pacific Partnership – or TPP for short – would create a whole new set of rules regulating the economies of twelve countries on four different continents bordering the Pacific Ocean. While TPP is its official acronym, because it’s a deal that involves Southern Hemisphere Asian countries as well as us and others, I prefer, instead of TPP, to call it the “Southern Hemisphere Asian Free Trade Agreement” or SHAFTA.

Because SHAFTA or the TPP is being negotiated almost entirely in secret – we don’t know a lot about it – and what we do know comes almost entirely from leaks. And according to those leaks – the TPP/SHAFTA would give big pharmaceutical companies virtual monopoly patent power – it would let corporatiimages (43)ons sue countries in international courts over regulations that those corporations don’t like – and and it would gut American environmental and financial rules. The TPP/SHAFTA is a huge deal – the type of story about which the media should be informing the American people. But here’s the problem: almost no one in the mainstream media is talking about it.

According to Media Matters for America – during one six month period between August 2013 and February 2014 – only one nightly network news show – The PBS Newshour – mentioned the trade deal – and they only mentioned it once.

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via Obama Is Negotiating the Biggest Trade Deal in Human History – It Would Gouge the American Economy | Alternet.

President Barack Obama is expected to focus on foreign policy with China at the 25th annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting this week. Though the forum is to focus on economic negotiations, world leaders often use it to discuss security and political issues on the sidelines. 

Obama, who is to arrive in Bejing Monday, is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss various “sensitive” foreign policy issues, including cybersecurity, CNN reported. However, Obama’s main focus is to reach an agreement between countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries (TPP) while China pushes its own agreement, the Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP). Many say the president’s promise to focus on U.S. foreign policy with China has been unfulfilled in light of the many other global crises’ that have required his full attention.

“To put this crucial bilateral relationship back on track, President Obama and President Xi must use the summit in Beijing to deepen mutual understanding and publicly challenge these misperceptions,” according to Brookings Institute senior foreign policy expert Cheng Li.

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