Obama’s ‘F-You Tour’ Epitomizes the Left’s Character – Eagle Rising

Earlier this week, my WND colleague Jesse Lee Peterson penned a thorough enumeration of actions taken by Barack Hussein Obama since the November general election to do damage to the nation (as we understand it) as well as to delegitimize the presidency of President-elect Donald Trump prior to his inauguration later this month.

Shortly after the election, I admonished readers not to be surprised at anything the left comes up with between now and the day Obama leaves office, and Peterson’s column handily provided bullet points for that argument.

During a weekend appearance on Fox News, pollster Frank Luntz dubbed Obama’s campaign of executive orders, slandering of Russia and attempted sabotage of Trump during his final days as president an “F-You tour.”

Most prominent among Obama’s actions has been his harrying of Russia vis-à-vis accusations that her government somehow influenced the November election in Donald Trump’s favor through digital means despite any evidence whatsoever of this having taken place. Relying as always upon the complicit establishment press to back him up, Obama took punitive steps against Russia in the form of sanctions and the expulsion of some of its diplomats from the U.S., a futile but insulting move calculated to antagonize rather than penalize.

Would Obama be perfectly happy to catalyze World War III through these antics? Probably – but if there’s anything the left’s radical icon Saul Alinsky stressed, it was patience. Chances are that Obama is looking forward to his days as a celebrated elder statesman and the opportunities this will present for furthering his destructive mission.

-Obamas F-You Tour Epitomizes the Lefts Character

a’s ‘F-You Tour’ Epitomizes the Left’s Character – Eagle Rising