Obama’s Final Arms-Export Tally More than Doubles Bush’s – Peace Prize Anyone?

obama-smile_1541336iOne can hope that one day even the most ardent progressive fascist will wake up to one very simple fact: Obama is a total fraud. Outside of making American bathrooms feel all cozy and warm for the .03% of the American population that suffers from sexual abnormality ( my brother turned himself into my sister after years of marriage and triplet sons) what exactly has he done for the downtrodden of this nation? The economic recovery, if one can call it that, was suppressed by Obama’s policies and an unrestrained regulatory avalanche from technocrats in the massive federal bureaucracies in Washington and the only thing that kept the nation from sliding back into the depression that had not run its course, was the Federal Reserve’s ZIRP. Blacks were no better off. Wealth distribution became even more radically extreme under the frauds watch than ever and America’s standing in the world fell precipitously from the relief “he’s not bush rally” to almost a joke status where the Chinese don’t hesitate to tell him to get in the back of the bus.

images-nobel-peace-prizeBut, what truly is astounding is that for liberals of the old order, war making, wanton destruction of civilizations and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and total servitude to the military industrial complex once was something that was anathema to them, but apparently no more. Obama is a fraud and his Svengali like capacity to entrance the willing masses seems to know only the boundaries of an awakening America, fortunately now a majority of us. Someday, perhaps, the veil will be removed and more people will see the wolf in the sheep’s clothing for who he is.

Most of the $278 billion in approved sales have gone to Saudi Arabia and other Mideast allies.

The Obama administration has approved more than $278 billion in foreign arms sales in its eight years, more than double the total of the previous administration, according to figures released by the Pentagon on Tuesday.

Many of the approved deals — most but hardly all of which have become actual sales — have been to Mideast nations, including key allies in the campaign against Islamic State militants and countries that have been building up their defenses in fear of a nuclear Iran.

Saudi Arabia has been the largest recipient, reaping prospective deals worth more than $115 billion, according to notices announcing the deals that were sent to Congress for approval.

“Nobody even comes close” for the number of deals and total value, said William Hartung, director of the Arms Security Project at the Center for International Policy.

Among the weapons approved for Riyadh: F-15 fighter jets, Apache attack helicopters, Blackhawk utility helicopters, missile interceptors, armored vehicles and bombs and missiles.

But Hartung noted that only about half of those approvals have so far resulted in actual contracts. For instance, the administration approved an $11.25 billion sale of four Lockheed Martin Multi-Mission Surface Combatants last year, but the Saudis have yet to place an order for the warships.



Source: Obama’s Final Arms-Export Tally More than Doubles Bush’s – Defense One