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giphy-39For progressives the eternal motto is “the ends justifies the means.”  Now that the people’s revolution is increasingly secure in America, the passage of time will prove our case for those of us who believe the Obama and his entire administration is the worst this nation will hopefully see for the next 228 years. If one judges the success of the insidious attempts to destroy this nation’s sovereignty and sense of self worth, he seems to have failed and his means rejected. Corrupt, arrogant and narcissistic in a way that even transcends Trump, as his is clearly a case of NPD ( narcissistic personality disorder). Obama’s self-promotional tour of Europe is a joke. His policies have failed and will be dismantled in almost every sphere where his administration has ventured. He accomplished nothing but disruption and disharmony. However, some caution is justified in that it is too easy to assume that this was the result of his obvious personality defects. Very little in Washington happens by chance or by consistent ignorance and stupidity. There is a purpose. Reality is usually far from our grasp. Little is as it appears. 

obama_hurrIt is hard not to be increasingly impressed with the cabinet being built by the President elect, at least so far. The shift coming in foreign policy will be substantive for certain now. We can only pray that the end of the reign of the neocons and the progressive fascists is truly coming to an end. However, the deep state has many tentacles and the hidden hands of the true power elites have ruled over the Presidents of this nation since perhaps McKinley, certainly Woodrow Wilson, with influence going back to the very formation of the Federal government itself. Wealth, power and control does not relinquish its reign willingly. Fortunately for Trump and America, the revolt against the financial and transnationalist power elite, whose first major success was evidenced in Brexit, will very likely explode in Europe and destroy the vision of a unified world for generations. That is if it is allowed to. 

Freedom may not come as easily as it appears. The destruction of the progressive transnational corporatist structures built over generations will take considerable time and effort. There are many roadblocks ahead, particularly so from an economic and monetary perspective. So much can go wrong, likely helped along by the hidden hand that knows that blaming Trump and nationalism for the possible ecomomic crisises ahead would lead to the triumphant return of the very elites the people of America and the West are now revolting against. It is simply too easy to let a sense of triumph blind us to the difficulties ahead. 

Obama’s advice to Europe rings hollow in the face of his myriad foreign policy failures.

President Obama, who has done less for Europe than any American President since Calvin Coolidge, cannot stop telling Europeans what to do. As Obama sets out on his final European tour as President, with his political party back home in a state of near collapse, and with Putin inflicting yet another painful humiliation on the least successful American President in the history of the modern Middle East, nothing seems able to shake his serene confidence that he knows more than other people, sees farther than they do, and that other people are eager to gather up his pearls of insight.

Here is the Wall Street Journal on Obama’s trip to Greece:

President Barack Obama urged Europe to resolve lingering issues from its debt crisis, saying on Tuesday that leaders should favor growth over austerity, as part of their response to the rising populism in Western countries exemplified by the election of Donald Trump.

Mr. Obama made the appeal after meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who said it is time for Greece to receive significant debt relief from Europe.Mr. Obama said European leaders should follow economic policies that ease some of the voter backlash against globalization, as they grapple with political trends similar to those behind Mr. Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election.


Source: Obama’s Never-Ending Lecture Tour – The American Interest