Obama’s Next Useless Subsidy – Taki’s Magazine And Bill Whittle ( Excellent)

Socialism? Not really. This is all about systemic risk reduction by absorbing surplus labor and satiating perceived social and educational inequities among what is increasingly being viewed by the elites as a relatively permanent proletariat and dependent class. What skills, besides vocational or government bureaucratic in nature can a community college education, in an increasingly scientific and technologically bounded world, will be attained? 

As if the country weren’t full of enough petulant, overgrown children.

President Obama’s new proposal to offer “free” community college for two years to anyone “willing to work for it” is more of the same trite welfare nonsense that further belittles an already feeble nation.

The president’s plan comes at the opening of a new Congress where Republicans are, at last, in charge. It’s not that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will pass anything that actually shrinks the size of D.C. The most any cynical conservative person can hope for is that they’ll stop the worst of the executive overreach and act as a bulwark against harebrained progressive schemes. And there is nothing more asinine than the government picking up the tab for community college.

The president’s “free college” proposal requires congressional authorization, which means it hopefully will get the thumbs down from Republicans. But since the party of Lincoln is so laughably inept at preventing the government’s growth, there is a slight chance the proposal could become law. Should government-provided college become the norm in America (more so than it already is), it may well corrode the sliver of self-responsibility still left in the country’s young adult population.

via Obama’s Next Useless Subsidy – Taki’s Magazine.