Oh, Good, We’re Still Arguing Whether Marxism Works…Einstein’s Definition of Insanity!!

Oh my, oh my–death and blood for utopia? No matter what the socioeconomic and political system that supports it, there are only two things that the leaders of any established State authority, democratically chosen or not, seek: Power and Wealth.

The second derivative of these innate human desires, is the bloodshed and tyranny to support these ends.

As it has always been, so it will always be.

Every Marxist government in history has been a repressive nightmare. Marxists — aside from the ones who defend the remaining Marxist regimes — consider this a strange coincidence that has no bearing on Marxist ideology. I recently pointed this out, in light of the resurgence of Marxist thought among some left-wing intellectual circles. In an essay in In These Times, Tyler Zimmer writes what he purports to be a response, but that in fact confirms my point for me.

Oh Good Its 2016 and Were Arguing About Whether Marxism Works

Character_Napoleon_AnimalFarmPolls consistently show that Americans under 30 view socialism more favorably than capitalism. This simple fact is a source of profound anxiety among liberal and conservative commentators alike. Some assure us that the affinity for socialism among the young is little more than a ruse to get laid. Others attribute the allure of socialism to youthful ignorance: if only they understood that the Soviet Union was something more than a “grim backdrop for bad action films,” they would never embrace such a “bad, old term.”

The other version of this explanation is the “you won’t like socialism when you grow up and get a job” line which, of course, reveals an embarrassing lack of awareness of the fact that it is our country’s severe lack of decent jobs that is driving millions of people—especially young people—to embrace socialist ideas in the first place.  

Why Jonathan Chait Is Wrong About Marxism Liberalism and Free Speech

I can only ask one question and there really is only one question that any socialist/communist sympathizer must answer: What makes us different than the many who have tried this socioeconomic/power system before us?

The answer, no matter how many words and caveats thrown into the response about how we have “progressed” is that we are not even one gene sequence different.

Human nature takes hundreds of years, if not millions, to evolve sufficiently to say that our core driving animal desires and instincts have productively adapted to allow a previously unnatural social arrangement to prosper without the death and suffering of hundreds of millions. Oh, the generational utopians may think differently, but they do so with the peril of wearing the blood of their kin, their friends and very likely, themselves on their hands.

insanity einsFor the young and ignorant: A must watch film. Do you really wish the blood of millions on your hands in the pursuit of your totally absurd notions of human utopia? The death camps and gulags of the future are being birthed today in the total intolerance of others opinions on the campuses of the American universities and the elite, one world directed street protests of puppet organizations like Black Lives Matter–