On Iraq, Dick Cheney Used to Be a Truth Teller – Cry for the Soul of America

Of course, stupidity and arrogance are not unique to the Obama administration nor its myriad supporters. The hubris of the American Exceptionalist, the “Love it or Leave it” crowds, supported by the political propaganda of the Military/Industrial/Finance and Police State checked their limited brains at the same door only on different sides of the frame, as the lobotomized uncompromising left. The merger of left and right, guided by the puppeteers of the Crony Capitalist State end up happily dancing to the same tunes at the end of the day as the sun sets–all to the sounds of the jackboots of fascism on the cold, hard floor now crushing a formerly free American people. 

The reign of Obama however, in all of its sordid corruption, was made possible only because of those great American murderers and thugs that preceded him. He stands on the shoulders of the midgets who came before him. 

Stephan Richter’s recent “Iraq’s Predictable Fate” notes that then German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had warned the George W. Bush administration in 2002 that the invasion of Iraq was ill-advised.

The majority of Americans — and both political parties — once cheered on that invasion. Americans belatedly have come to realize that they would have been muimage7ch better off if Schröder’s advice had been heeded.

To be sure, only a tiny minority of Americans have been directly touched by the cost of the war in terms of American lives lost and limbs destroyed. But all Americans will long feel the fiscal burden of amortizing the money cost of the war, including the long-term medical and social support of the warriors sent out to fight that war.

And it is anybody’s guess what the Iraqi people might say now if they were polled on the benefits of the U.S. invasion.

An educated elite?

But what about top U.S. policymakers? Were they really so much less educated about Iraq? Were they unaware of the well-known history of tribal enmity that forever smolders beneath the surface in arbitrarily composed Iraq – 

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via On Iraq, Dick Cheney Used to Be a Truth Teller – The Globalist.

We did this, we did this….over what, the ego and hubris of the power elites of America, as War is the backbone of our economy and the Empire must be fed? You owe it to yourself and to the vision of what this nation should be and can still be someday to watch this video, no matter how painful–When the empire fails, and it will, and the elites who we slave for, the false Gods of American imperial power and “humanitarianism” are placed where they should be, in the dust bins and trash heaps of history, only then can we revert back to the founding principles that we have forsaken as a nation and as a people.

 We, the people of this nation and the world, deserve better. Cry for the soul of America. I do.

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