One more comment on the PC protected Pakistani community allowed to destroy the lives of 1400 girls in just one township in the UK

09d9a7f0-2e16-11e4-_757955bA former Labour MP for Rotherham has admitted that he held back from confronting the problem of Asian ( READ MUSLIM PAKISTANIS) groups sexually exploiting young girls because he is a “Guardian-reading liberal leftie”.

Denis MacShane, who resigned as an MP in 2012 over expenses fraud for which he was later jailed for six months, said that he was never directly approached during his 18 years as an MP by anyone with allegations of child abuse. Yet he “probably” didn’t do as much as he could have done and should have “burrowed into” the issue, he said.

“I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that,” he told BBC Radio 4’sWorld at One.

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This outrage in England was allowed to fester and become almost of epidemic proportions because the local authorities did not want to be accused of being racist and unpolitically correct. What an absurdity and how criminal. The desire to protect the feelings of the Pakistani community took precedent over the lives of 1400 young girls who were turned into sexual slaves by this Muslim community. The complete irrationality of this disgraceful conduct is a disease that is far worse then Ebola, it is the stuff that will take down entire civilizations. It is doing so and is well advanced in England and it is here in America, as well.

I do not care if someones race or religion is offended by truth. There is no offense worse than covering up the truth to theoretically protect someone from it simply because it might be offensive, insulting or simply unsettling, not just to those on the receiving end but also for those that are forced to stare the harsh reality of truth in the face–the fascist progressives, who may wish to live cocooned within the safety of their total denial. When truth is morally, ethically and legally contrary to those of the established culture and in so many cases to civilization itself, to wrap it the soft gauze of politically correct language and fear is as criminal as the acts themselves.

So goes England, so goes America. This abject stupidity must end. The question is now, how?

 The victim claims police ignored her because her attacker was Asian and authorities were worried about causing racial unrest.

Video: Victim ‘Verbally Abused By Police’