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One need not go as far as believing that events such as the Orlando Pulse LGBT turkey shoot are entirely faked, images vwith crisis actors and a cast of hundreds in on the ruse, in order to believe that it was a false flag. There should be zero doubts that certain components of the American police state are not only capable of such mayhem, but in order to advance a given agenda would execute 50 citizens of this nation without hesitation. Without hesitation. The government could care less about 50 dead LGBT Latino’s in a nightclub in Orlando, despite all of the politicians crocodile tears and feigned empathy.

It was the perfect location where the likelihood of one of their own being amongst the carnage would be highly unlikely and the families of the victims unable to mount a spirited, expensive investigation independent of the official mantra as the families of the victims of 9/11 subsequently did. Everything about this “domestic” terrorist attack smells of government collusion and a massive, sophisticated cover-up.

They knew Omar was going to do this. They knew he bought the guns. They very likely sent in the swat team after 3 hours delay in order to create the bloodiest terror attack on US soil since 9/11 by murdering most, if not all, of the victims. And the FBI let the wife escape, as perhaps they could not execute her without blowing the cover. If they find Noor alive it will be a miracle, that is if they find her at all.

Too many coincidences, too many poorly executed excuses and mistakes. This was government sponsored domestic terror. This was government murder and the mainstream media’s willful blindness is almost collusion in the same.

Unbelievable! AG Lynch admits she has lost track of Orlando shooter’s wife–American Thinker

By Thomas Lifson

The mind boggles, as during her press conference in Orlando, Attorney General Loretta Lynch casually admitted that she has no idea of the location of  the wife of the Orlando shooter – who may well have been aware of his attack and provided material support for it.  Don’t believe me?

“Has the shooter’s wife left the state of Florida?” a reporter asked Lynch during her press conference Tuesday.

“Right now, I don’t know exactly the answer to that,” Lynch candidly replied. “I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now.”

Still don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself:

I suppose it is possible that the A.G. was referring to herself alone, and not the FBI, which should be keeping close tabs on a prime witness and/or suspect in the worst incident of Islamic terrorism in the United States since 9/11.

But of course, the A.G. still pretends that something other than jihad may have been at the root of the attack despite the explicit words – censored from the transcript and later restored after a public outcry that seems to have surprised her– of the attacker speaking to a 911 operator and declaring his allegiance to ISIS.

The remarkably incurious media at her Orlando press conference did not ask a single question about the censorship and reversal, nor did any of the ace reporters there press the A.G. on whether or not the FBI had lost track of Mrs. Terrorist.

The concerted attempt of the American media to pretend that this attack was anything but Islamic jihad terror is pathetic and deeply disturbing in the willingness of so many Americans to be convinced of an out-and-out lie.

4 Pieces of the Orlando Shooting Narrative that Don’t Add Up | Waking Times

In the absence of complete truth, forfeiting liberty for security is unconscionable.

The truth does indeed matter in a time of universal deceit. When events as tragic and momentous as public massacre and terrorism occur in our open societies, we are immediately expected to acquiesce to public policy changes and new laws. To base such important decisions on phony, incomplete or biased interpretations of events is dangerous.

In order to properly honor victims and those most affected by tragedies as these, true justice and culpability should be the objective, not the advancement of pre-set political agendas such as the expansion of war, increased domestic surveillance, expansion of the police state, government watch-lists, and gun control.

images false flagIn cases of mass shootings, once an acceptable enough story of events is established, the conversation is hastily directed onto gun control, and any subsequent investigation and forthcoming evidence becomes irrelevant to the advancement of this agenda. The whole truth is never really known or completely understood, thus no meaningful solution can be duly vetted, which is why so many people are questioning official stories about events like these.

As politicians hold sit-ins for the disarmament of the American public, critical information and perspectives are still emerging on the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub that absolutely must be considered before accepting that this tragedy is exclusively about gun control, gay rights, or ISIS.

There are a number of peculiarities in the official narrative which warrant closer scrutiny, as they indict other actors for their complicity in both the shooting and in the ensuing campaign to craft an official, indisputable public relations narrative of the event.

The following aspects of this case, more so than many others, stand out as unacceptably suspicious. Consider the 4 pieces of the Orlando shooting narrative that just don’t add up:

Breach of Protocols – Media Allowed Open Access to Crime Scene

The day after the shooting, the suspect’s home was left wide-open by FBI for the media and whomever else to enter, casually peruse, video-tape, and comment upon.

Take a look at the following short presentation describing how FBI had swiftly came and went, leaving both the front and back doors wide open to the public. Incredibly, once in the home, reporters discover the shooter’s expired concealed carry gun license along with Islamic religious materials suspiciously placed on an otherwise tidy kitchen counter.

4 Pieces of the Orlando Shooting Narrative that Don’t Add Up

Deadly Falsehoods About the Orlando Shooting and Gun Control | Just Facts

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, many public figures have littered the issue of gun control with falsehoods that have deadly implications.

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, many public figures have littered the issue of gun control with falsehoods that have deadly implications. The facts below address some of the most pervasive ones.

“Weapons of War” and “Assault Rifles”

A number of prominent individuals and major media outlets have said that the killer used a “weapon of war” or “assault rifle” to carry out this crime. These claims are untrue, and they accord with a written strategy of the gun control lobby to deceive the public about this issue.

As detailed by ABC News, the killer used a “.223 AR-style Sig Sauer MCX semiautomatic rifle and a Glock 17 [9 mm] handgun.” Like the Sig MCX, the Glock 17 is a semi-automatic firearm, which means it fires one bullet for each pull of the trigger.

In stark contrast, the “most common military” firearms, as explained in the book Military Technology, are fully “automatic rifles and machine guns” that fire multiple bullets “with a single pull of the trigger.” A key advantage of these guns is that soldiers don’t need to aim them with pinpoint accuracy to hit the enemy. Instead, they can “point the weapon in the general direction of” their adversaries and mow them down en masse. The book notes that these firearms have “made war a far more deadly business.”

A federal law called the National Firearms Act effectively bans the vast majority of civilians from owning fully automatic firearms. Since 1934, this law has strictly regulated the sale and ownership of such guns. Furthermore, a 1986 revision to the law banned all fully automatic firearms except for those grandfathered under previous law. In January 2016, the Department of Justice reported “there is no evidence that” any legal owner of a firearm covered by this act was convicted of using these guns to commit a crime from 2006 through 2014.

The same applies to assault rifles, which are a class of fully automatic weapons. The 2011Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law explains that an “assault rifle” is “capable of being fired in fully automatic and semi-automatic modes, at the user’s option.” Due to their fully automatic mode, these are also banned by the National Firearms Act.

The gun used by the Orlando shooter is what certain journalists and politicians call an “assault weapon.” The 2011 AP Stylebook defines this term as follows:

A semi-automatic firearm similar in appearance to a fully automatic firearm or military weapon. Not synonymous with assault rifle, which can be used in fully automatic mode.

To reiterate, “assault weapons” are not fully automatic, not military weapons, and not assault rifles.

Source: Deadly Falsehoods About the Orlando Shooting and Gun Control | Just Facts

Orlando Mass Shooting: Foreknowledge of Mass Casualty Event? « Memory Hole

Will the Pulse Nightclub Crime Scene Also Be Demolished?

Hours before the alleged “worst mass shooting in US history” at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the City of Orlando created an online record either concerning the bar’s business tax or a potential building permit involving an unspecified project at the business’ 1912 South Orange Avenue address.

This is according to the transaction’s case number of BUS0004986-003 via the municipality’s online records system at City of Orlando.net. In the most unusual timing, the electronic record was generated on Saturday June 11, 2016 with an expected completion date of October 1, 2016.

The reason that the document appears to involve construction is that it further states: “Plan revisions may not be submitted until all disciplines have completed their plan reviews.” As homeowners who have pulled a permit to remodel their homes are well aware, the process anticipates several stages of bureaucratic review.

Orlando Mass Shooting Foreknowledge of Mass Casualty Event 15

Source: Orlando Mass Shooting: Foreknowledge of Mass Casualty Event? « Memory Hole