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We are insane–when political ideology and party affiliation defines who you are so deeply that reality, truth and any remote chance of objectivity are dashed on the jagged rocks of this very divisive, easily manipulated self-perspective there is little chance for reconciliation. Given that sycophants of the State and the progressive/liberal Democratic ideologue are the most likely to be anti-religious, certainly anti-christian and whats more, prone to social, moral and ethical politically correct relativism, the loss of ideological faith, of how one defines oneself in the world and in the mirror every day, would be so personally devastating that no unsupportive facts, no evidence contrary to ones belief system can be allowed to penetrate the mind and the progressives perceptions of reality.

868011394_43544b22f7_zIn fact, it is likely that such truths will be internalized in such a way that the evidence is completely warped into some fabricated lie or even worse into a supportive argument through surreal twists and turns of self-delusion. If there are no other forms outside of family and work to be used to define oneself, the mental defense mechanisms against any truths that could take apart the self-identification with liberal, progressive Democratic Party causes could easily be very ferocious indeed. Perhaps externalized in anger, aggressively so.

The absence of religion or even firm beliefs in ethical absolutes leaves many with few mental constructs to help define oneself in this turbulent world. Mental sclerosis and complete inflexibility of world view, no matter how misinformed or contradictory to overwhelming evidence is the result. There is more to the divisiveness of American politics today than meets the eye. Without some miracle of revivalism or an event that drives, even the most recalcitrant, to change their minds when facts dictate there is little hope but for the divide in America to widen even further. There is one thing that can change this relatively quickly, where all assumptions may become tested, a total socioeconomic and systemic collapse, something I believe is coming far too soon.

If you are a Democrat, would you marry a Republican? Would you be upset if your sister did?

Researchers have long asked such questions about race, and have found that along important dimensions, racial prejudice is decreasing. At the same time, party prejudice in the U.S. has jumped, infecting not only politics but also decisions about dating, marriage and hiring. By some measures, “partyism” now exceeds racial prejudice — which helps explain the intensity of some midterm election campaigns.

In 1960, 5 percent of Republicans and 4 percent of Democrats said that they would feel “displeased” if their son or daughter married outside their political party. By 2010, those numbers had reached 49 percent and 33 percent. Republicans have been found to like Democrats less than they like people on welfare or gays and lesbians. Democrats dislike Republicans more than they dislike big business.

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