Paul & Patty Know What To Do!! Duck & Cover Just Like Bert The Turtle!

If you have not noticed that there are a number of rather disconcerting happenings that have been occurring around the globe; if you are not a tad worried, may I advise the appropriate action: Take your head out of your ass.  

Operation Gotham to either save some of what would be left of the people in NYC and other metropolitan areas from a nuclear attack or inure us all to what may be ahead, equally possible is that the Deep State and the elites are simply trying to instill the level of fear in the populace that would allow them to impose further draconian reductions in our freedoms. Holding such an extensive exercise is far from a remotely normal event.

The power outages on both coasts from systems on the grid that were not even connected.

The rise in the arrests of pedophiles across the nation. The very real risk that the Satanic pedophilia, child murder predilections of the ruling power elites could be about to reach a critical mass of mass awareness is one of the most important reasons the noose is tightening faster than perhaps the elites had previously planned.

The assault by the DOJ, Google, Twitter and Facebook on freedom of the press is accelerating and extends from the threat to a hero, Julian Assange to the censorship and economic strangulation of alternative media and the Soros driven lawsuit against Alex Jones is not well-known by 99.9% of the American people. If there is a major event coming, war, planned economic and social collapse or a false flag that dwarfs 9/11, the elites total control of the narrative would be critical to our would be totalitarian masters to effect their goals of enslaving all of us less fortunate “useless eaters.”

The war showdown with North Korea, which may, or perhaps not be, a smoke screen, a head fake distracting American and world attention from the real target of the Empire: Iran. This idea was given a bit of support yesterday with extraordinary bombast out of the American military leadership towards Iran’s support of the rebels in Yemen. Of course, only one nation on earth has the right to support rebellions, endogenous or externally created, for only one nation speaks for truth, liberty, democracy and humanitarianism: Just ask Madeleine Albright as you can’t ask the hundreds of thousands of dead children in Iraq, nor those being blown into small chunks by American supplied bombs, including cluster bombs, on the civilian population of Yemen.

However, the risk of the Deep State and the criminal class  pushing the real final solution button out of fear they are losing ground in their 300 year drive to world control along with Trump’s need to show that his manhood is, in fact, bigger than his hands suggest, places the risk of World War 3 arriving at the worlds doorsteps sooner, rather than later, is very, very high.  War with North Korea may be coming. War against Syria and Iran is coming for sure. Then, the big target will unfold as a result, the destruction of the one major nationalist nation-state that has thus far repulsed the globalist forces directed by the Anglo-American Fascist Empire: Russia. 

There might not be any grownups around, but now you’ll know what to do: duck and cover! Assuring words no doubt about it. 

“Some leading emergency response planners view the persistent menace of North Korea as a new opportunity: reason to alert the American public that a limited nuclear attack can be survivable, with a few precautions. The simplest of the warnings is: “Don’t run. Get inside.” Sheltering in place, beneath as many layers of protection as possible, is the best way to avoid the radiation that would follow a nuclear detonation.” – NBC

NBC News Writes What Should You Do In Case Of Nuclear Attack

             Source: NBC News Writes “What Should You Do In Case Of Nuclear Attack?” | Zero Hedge

A Global Catastrophe Is Being Orchestrated By The Elites: “There Are Many Things The President Does Not Know”

Following the money is always the key and crucial element to determining the “probable cause/modus operandi” regarding to globalist actions.  Although there are many who believe that President Trump is the panacea to all our problems, even they may perhaps admit that there are forces other than the President that drive our country, as well as the world.  The shadowy cabal of globalists, Bilderbergers, bankers, and other secretive organizations bent on a “union” of totalitarian control are almost too numerous to count.


There are many things the President does not know.  This is intentional on the part of the moneyed interests that control the very fabric of our society.  The interests are corporate, political, and religious: a three-level tier of control over all the facets of human society.  Just as one individual person cannot “dominate” one of these sectors, the sectors themselves cannot dominate.  They are forced into a symbiotic relationship rooted in commensalism, where each of these “parasites” benefits the other two.

The problem lies in the fact that these interests are elitists who believe in the forced imposition of their philosophies upon the masses.  They also believe in “culling the herd,” and maintaining a servile population at minimum levels to carry out all menial labor and industrial production (the Deltas and Epsilons of Huxley’s Brave New World) as they direct.  Patiently these elitists have been awaiting the day when their “1984” society is a reality, crafting and shaping it all along throughout the decades.

The numbers of humanity pose a problem, because they cannot effectively eradicate all necessary without a large-scale plague or a war, and after such an event, the planet itself might be unsustainable.

The key question for them: how to kill off about 6 to 6 ½ billion people without destroying the world?

The most efficient way would be with a limited nuclear war that destroyed enough key targets to minimize postwar effectiveness of the major powers, in a manner that does not irradiate most of the warring nations.  The key to the entire equation is to take down the United States.  The EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is the weapon of choice.  This would paralyze all the infrastructure, leading to (as so eloquently outlined in the book “One Second After”) mass die-offs and the reduction of populations to pre-industrial societies.

The shielded and stocked communities of the elite could just sit back and allow the populations to destroy themselves and whittle down the numbers.  After a time (most likely already estimated and predetermined), mercenary forces of the elitists could emerge to mop up the remnant, enslaving and subjugating them completely.

The question isn’t whether this is in the works: it is.  The elite have been following such plans as revealed in the Iron Mountain Report, and the moneyed interests have been crafting their plans long before House wrote Philip Dru, Administrator, as he and Wilson created the Federal Reserve and laid the roots for the cancer that is pervasive and underlying the thin veneer of our phony, Hallmark-Card society.

The numerous articles about the millionaires and billionaires forming “intentional communities” and compounds/complexes for the purpose of surviving an apocalyptic event/societal collapse are not inaccurate.  The widespread reports of tunnel complexes, nonstop truck deliveries, and the diversion of taxpayer-funded government resources to secret locations throughout the United States are not inaccurate.  Jesse Ventura was investigating many of these matters before the moneyed interests put a stop to his actions and he retired from the field without fanfare.  Everyone who has exposed or threatened to expose them has either been marginalized or destroyed.  Just as people search for the “one” hero, they are also easily manipulated to focus upon “one” villain, such as a Kim Jong-Un, or a Bashar al-Assad.  Substitute the name “Emmanuel Goldstein” for either of them before the Two-Minutes Hate is conducted.

Fast forward to now.  The bottom line is that when different factors come together “coincidentally” the probability for action by the elites and the point of no return is increased exponentially.

They haven’t ushered in their era yet; they will not until they’re certain they can pull it off, but they will eventually make a play for it.

These power-brokers will not commit themselves in the gamble unless they’re sure of a win.  For this reason, it is important to monitor the hot spots for those convergent points to know when something is likely to occur: when the possibility exists, and the probability increases.  One of those points of convergence is this week.

The North Koreans are supposed to test another nuclear device on or about the 25th of this month.  “Coincidentally,” that EMP “drill” named Operation Gotham Shield is supposed to run through April 25th, and possibly a little longer.  Coincidentally, there was a power outage in three different U.S. cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City on Thursday.  Coincidentally, Russian bomber and intelligence-gathering aircraft have been flying test runs along the coast of Alaska, for four days straight with the U.S. and even Canada scrambling fighters to intercept.  Coincidentally, the Russians claim to have electronic devices with an EMP-type effect, already used against the USS Donald Cook, a guided missile destroyer with Tomahawk missiles back in November of 2014.  Coincidentally, the U.S. naval armada is set to arrive in the waters off the Korean coast on April 26th… right in line with the EMP drill “Operation Gotham Shield.”

All these factors point toward a false flag.  If the opportunity to pull such a false flag off arises, they will seize upon it.  Trolls without number try to disparage this concept… the “nothing has happened yet, therefore nothing will happen” crowd.  The ones who are so certain that all of this is just “fear porn” or a “sham” of some kind…don’t pay their nonproductive and perhaps remunerated redundancies any mind.  The whole point is to be aware of what is going on and try to survive it.

Be that “10th man” as outlined in the film World War Z, and consider what the herd has been conditioned not to consider, and it might improve your chances to survive what is coming: what the elites have planned and will trigger with a False Flag.

“No matter how improbable it may seem, the tenth man has to start thinking with the assumption that the other nine are wrong.”


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