Pew Data: More Than 60 Million Muslims Hold Favorable Views of ISIS | Muslim Statistics


How stupid are we? Or it the more appropriate question, how brainwashed?

“Having been asked to examine its results, I believe it holds a grim message for all of us.

“There is a life-and-death struggle for the soul of British Islam—and this is not a battle that the rest of us can afford to sit out. We need to take sides.”

In the wake of yet another bloody massacre perpetrated by Islamist terrorists, media and political elites are, like clockwork, tripping over one another to remind us that Islam as a whole should not be held responsible for the carnage.

And of course that’s true. Even raging Islamophobes understand that not every Muslim in the world is murderous or malicious, and most reasonable people happily acknowledge that the vast majority of the planet’s 1.6 billion Muslims are peaceable people who adhere to relatively moderate interpretations of Islam. Virtually nobody disputes any of that.

But the fiction that Islamist violence has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam is both intellectually insulting and dangerously naive.

We’ve written previously about the alarming number of Muslims worldwide who at best hold profoundly illiberal views on issues such as free speech, human rights, and the imposition of Sharia Law.

A recent survey of British Muslims only underscores why serious concerns about Islam in the West shouldn’t merely be waved away as ignorance and xenophobia. Are those who decry the “ignorance” aware of data like this?

Do they have any idea what Sharia Law entails?  Have they read this report, curated and authored by a human rights advocate who renounces many of his own landmark findings on “Islamophobia” from less than a decade ago?

Pew Data More Than 60 Million Muslims Hold Favorable Views of ISIS

Source: Pew Data: More Than 60 Million Muslims Hold Favorable Views of ISIS | Muslim Statistics

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