Political correctness now a deadly epidemic: Islamic terrorist kills 50+ but media reluctant to call it terrorism

I have never heard Dr. Gorka prior to today–if you have not watched this, he is absolutely dead on, forceful and Obama and all of his absurdly surreal, delusional progressive and lobotomized acolytes  should be forced to listen to this for a thousand times in the hopes that reality might actually penetrate what is left of their minds.

Over 50 people have been killed at a gay bar in Orlando as a gunman being invested for “ties to Islamic terrorism” opened fire late last night. News of the slaughter is exploding across the media today, but here’s what they won’t dare report.

First of all, over the last 2-3 years, any person who claimed that radical Islam posed any danger whatsoever to the safety of U.S. citizens was called an intolerant bigot by the political left. This was all part of the “political correctness” brigade that seeks to shut down rational caution by labeling it “intolerance.” Even though Islam religious leaders openly teach the murder of gays, we were all supposed to embrace their religion and welcome even more violent terrorists into our nation.

Second, the entire mainstream media has so far deliberately conspired to avoid mentioning any ties to radical Islam among both the San Bernardino shooters (from a few months back) as well as today’s shooting in Orlando. The twisted narrative from the mainstream media will focus entirely on the weapon rather than the person wielding it. They will only reluctantly mention radical Islam if they can no longer avoid doing so.

Thirdly — and the entire mainstream media will deliberately refuse to print this — ISIS announced that it was targeting Florida for a major attack just three days ago.

-Political correctness now a deadly epidemic Islamic terrorist kills 50 at gay bar in Orlando but medi

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