Politicians Cynically Using JP Morgan Hack To Try To Pass Laws To Diminish Your Privacy and Control your mind.

The collapse of industrial civilization will compel us to do and not do many things, but above all, it will compel us to tell the truth—the truth about our environment, our natural resources, our use and misuse of money, our disconnection from the earth community—and above all, it will compel us to tell the truth about ourselves.

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b6cfd7bf0ee73592fe71a2b8c1791b41So, as you probably heard last week, JP Morgan revealed more details of how it had been hacked, noting that the number of households impacted shot up to 76 million, thus impacting a pretty large percentage of Americans. The hack involved getting access to customer names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. It doesn’t appear to have gotten anything else, but that’s plenty of information to run some sophisticated phishing attacks that could lead to some serious problems. It’s expected that the fallout from this could be quite long lasting.

Almost immediately, politicians leapt into action… but not in any good way. They’re cynically using this as an excuse to push questionable cybersecurity legislation. Specifically, Senator Angus King used it to push CISA, a bill that actually undermines privacy, rather than protect it, by giving companies incentives to share info more freely, opening up greater opportunities for leaks and breaches. CISA gives those companies a blanket get-out-of-jail-free card by taking away any liability in sharing such info.

What no one explains is how something like CISA would actually have helped stop the JP Morgan hack. That’s because it wouldn’t have helped. Congressional supporters of cybersecurity legislation keep playing the “something must be done!” card, without ever bothering to explain how the something (CISA) will actually help. They just make vague promises that by somehow letting companies share info without liability, we’ll magically all be better protected. Given the recent revelations about how government has regularly abused access to information, it’s hard to accept the “just trust us” explanation for why companies should just hand over more information.

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“There is today a great plague – and this is the United States and its leadership.”

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stopnatoLast week the Ukrainian President, Petro O. Poroshenko, announced his intention to take Ukraine on a path towards full integration into the European Union (E.U.) in the coming years. In a New York Times article titled: Ukrainian President Sets Sights on Closer E.U. Ties, Mr. Poroshenko outlines the direction he plans to take the nation under his leadership:

The doors of the E.U. are open to us; I am absolutely convinced of this. Events in Kiev and Brussels gave us a firm hope, a belief, that we will soon get the prospect of E.U. membership. We have every right to knock on this door.”

As I reported in an article in March of this year titled: Brzezinski, Soros Staged Revolution in Ukraine, the objective of the West in Ukraine has always been to absorb the nation into the E.U. and NATO:

“The staged revolution, devised by the CIA, EU, State Department, and George Soros funded NGO’s in Ukraine, has overthrown the democratically elected government of Victor Yanukovych in a coup designed to forge closer ties between Ukraine and the E.U., in a long term strategy of integrating Ukraine into the E.U. and NATO.”

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