Poll: Republicans Rank Obama, Dem Party As Greater Threat To US Than Putin Or Bashar al-Assad – (Their elected leaders second?)

He is an incalculable threat.. deranged by the most serious case of narcissistic personality disorder, among other sociopathic tendencies, ever to sit in the Oval Office he will listen to know one but himself and those that are a reflection of his own mind. But the American system of governance was designed to provide fail-safe mechanism, these structural balances have been allowed by all of us to be totally ineffective, if not destroyed. We are now like the German pilot banging on the cockpit door while the plane falls to its doom, but in our case it is the American people, the dumbed down, stupid and ignorant brainwashed American people that have locked the door. We will crash and burn–we are already in an uncontrollable decent and we remain silent. The entire political class and their corporate puppet masters are the threat, a threat that can only be cleansed through fire. 

One-third of Republicans believe President Barack Obama poses a graver threat to the United States than Vladimir Putin or Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Reuters poll asked 2,809 Americans to rate how much threat countries, organizations and individuals pose to the United States.

34 percent of Republicans ranked Obama as an imminent threat, far ahead of Putin, who got 25 percent and Assad at 23 percent.

Republicans also saw the Democratic Party as a graver threat than the two dictators. 27 percent saw the Democratic Party as an imminent threat. On the other side of the aisle, 22 percent of Democrats saw the Republican Party as a grave threat.

People who were polled were most concerned about threats related to potential terror attacks. Islamic State militants were rated an imminent threat by 58 percent of respondents, and al Qaeda by 43 percent. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un was viewed as a threat by 34 percent, and Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei by 27 percent.

Cyber attacks were viewed as an imminent threat by 39 percent, and drug trafficking was seen as an imminent threat by a third of the respondents.

Democrats were more concerned about climate change than Republicans, with 33 percent of Democrats rating global warming an imminent threat. Among Republicans, 27 percent said climate change was not a threat at all.

The margin of error was 3.4 percent

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