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Possibilities of a Coup d’état in Washington D.C.

By Michael S. Long

It was the fall of 1962 when I first heard of Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler U.S.M.C. I was a newly commissioned 2nd Lt. at the Marine Corps Base, Quantico Va.

It seems that Gen. Butler, (In 1921, Commanding officer, Quantico) was a fierce football fan. He had organized a base football squad yet had no field or stadium in which to play. No funds were allocated for the construction of a field so Gen. Butler in true Marine tradition took the initiative. He turned out the base personnel in its entirety with their Marine issue entrenching tool and set them digging. While the Marine band serenaded the huge work detail, the Marines dug the largest foxhole in history. This being no easy feat for anyone familiar with the Marine Corps entrenching tool.

On each side of what can only be described as an enormous pit, Butler utilized surplus steel rails, (formerly destined for repair of the Trans-Siberian Railway during the Russian Civil War). The rails formed the substructure for the concrete stadium and seating. The stadium is a smaller version of the Yale Bowl, (20,000 capacity) and still exists as Butler Stadium.

Exhibiting such initiative was not new to Gen. Butler, (1881-1940) as he also had the distinction of being the most decorated Marine in Corps history. He was the recipient of two Congressional Medal of Honors for two very different actions. Among his many other qualities Gen. Butler was a successful author, (War is a Racket, 1935) a true Patriot and was beloved by veterans as well as active duty personnel. Oddly, he was the innocent participant in a largely unknown coup attempt by a group of business leaders in 1932.

In that year, Gen. Butler, (then retired) was approached by Gerald MacGuire, a bond salesman for Grayson Murphy & Co. As spokesman for the plotters, MacGuire hoped to convince Butler to lead a 500,000-man army to take over the Government of the United States. The army was to consist of some active duty troops but mostly unemployed WWI veterans. The plan was to take advantage of Butler’s immense popularity with the troops and force President Roosevelt to step aside, citing his poor health. A state of emergency would then be declared, and a quasi-Fascist government would be installed. As Fascism is Socialism with a Capitalist veneer, the plotters planned to emphasize the capitalist/business aspects of the coup to off-set the anti-business policies of the FDR administration. Because the emphasis of the coup was to enhance the business climate, the exercise became known as “The Businessman’s Coup.”

Butler feigned interest, listened to the plan, and noted the members of the plot. He acted non-committal and undecided. The plotters chose the wrong man in Gen. Butler. He was a strong believer in the Rule of Law, Democracy, and our nations Constitution. Butler reported the plot in detail to the House Dickstein McCormick Committee, (later to become the controversial House Un-American Activities Committee). Gen. Butler reported the names of the plotters. Many conspirators listed below were leaders in the American and International business community:

Irene DuPont – DuPont Chemical family.

Grayson Murphy – CEO Grayson Murphy & Co. Wall St. bond brokerage house.

William Doyle – State Cmdr. American Legion.

John Davis – Senior Atty.  Morgan Bank.

Tom Lamont – CEO Morgan Bank

Al Smith – Former Gov. NY. Presidential Candidate.

John J. Raskob – DuPont Chemical Executive.

Robert Clark – Wall St. Banker.

Gerald MacGuire – Bond Broker and key recruiter in the plot.

Many other business leaders were named and in true Comeyesque Style, the whole scheme was buried. The New York Times in their usual bias missed the story completely and described it as a “gigantic hoax.” One can easily deduce that the schemers were not only advertisers in the Times but were campaign fund contributors to such hacks that ate at the trough of the Dickstein McCormick Committee. MacGuire was the only conspirator called before the committee and it was softball questioning galore. Mindful of those low-level FBI agents that had Hillary under the lights probing her latest Pasta recipes.

Amazingly, the final report concluded that “Old Gimlet Eye Butler was telling the truth. He had his facts and figures correct, all of which was corroborated by Paul French, a reporter and friend of Butler’s. Many of the members of the plot happened to be Founding Members of the Council of Foreign Relations, (referenced many times in these columns) before the One Worlders took control.

The Media of the day, such as it was, refused to carry the story, thus its obscurity. Could an attempt at a coup d’état happen again? Absolutely. Would it be more difficult or easier? It is this writer’s belief that under the right conditions it would be quite simple, safe, and by all means easier. Why is this a very distinct possibility? A perusal of the little known combination of laws, executive orders, non-executive orders, bureaucratic orders and policies not seen by the public lead us to the largely unconstitutional “Continuity of Government” (COG) ploy. This is the procedural process designed to take place upon the declaration by the President of an “Emergency.” Who determines the emergency?  The President. Can you imagine our present Machiavellian psychopathic leader ordering an emergency? It could be anything from a nuclear attack, to starving polar bears, to the sky falling due to excess CO2, to Zika mosquitoes forming squadrons to attack Chicago.  Let’s list some of the powers given to the President by the COG.

The President has:

Control of all state and local police forces; the military; private enterprise; travel; food sources; power to nullify congress; forcibly control any and all civil disturbances; control the lives of all US citizens; and abrogate the Constitution. Other than the above he’s helpless. What would be Obama’s first dictatorial edict?  How about “Get the Treasury Secretary on a plane to London. Have him go to Asprey’s and get me a Crown.”

The COG is a voluminous document outlining all aspects of government and so readily lending itself to a government takeover that it’s use would make Banana Republic takeovers look like a 3rd grade tussle in a sandbox.

What type of person would lead such an un-American activity and who could he count on for help? The first person (easily a President) to come to mind would be a hater of the U.S. Constitution. That person would view the founding document as an impediment to any “programs” or “investment in the future,” (a.k.a. tax increases) that he or she might favor. Although the Constitution outlines methods of changing it, this is too difficult and time-consuming for our Coup d’étatasia. It is much more effective and easier to take over the Government than leave it to the voters.

For help and back-up in this conspiracy, there just happens to be thousands of sycophants’ in today’s bureaucracy.  Most voters are familiar with the examples of the typical fawners as listed below:

Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton’s new girlfriend and alleged Attorney General.

Jim Comey, Head of the FBI, savior of Crooked Hillary, and allegedly once honest.

Uma Abudin and Cheryl Mills, Clinton staffers, and very dear friends of the anointed one.

Lois Lerner, retired IRS crook and destroyer of the Tea Party.

Next is the Military. The key question here is, Would the hundreds of Generals and Admirals, (they have never won any wars) stand up to a Coup d’etat To answer that just look at the record. How many have stood up to Obama’s nonsense as pertains to the military? NONE. Career paths and pensions are top priority, and if they have time, maybe win a war. Where is good old “Storming Norman?” when we need him We never hear from Gens. Petraeus or McChrystal.  Gen. Jack Keane and Col. Ralph Peters, both retired and appearing on Fox News get a bit feisty, but where are the rest? Quite pathetic for those sworn to protect this nation and its liberty.

Would the media go along with a Coup? Of course, as 95% side with the anti-constitutionalist on a daily basis.

Our quasi-intellectual community along with their Universities of Indoctrination would love a coup.  Our professor friends would expect tuition increases and a big raise to compensate for those 3 overworked hours a week they are now putting in.

It behooves the reader to google Continuity of Government and see for themselves what the more recent plotters have concocted. Not only is it enlightening, it is scary. We are now being led by a massive group of anti-constitutional opportunists that would stop at nothing to gain power and prove once and for all, how smart they are.

Obama Presidente for Life! Long Live the Obama Long Love the Presidente!!

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