Potential Crisis Triggers Continue To Pile Up In 2016–The Monsters Last Stand

For readers of my postings, the idea that chaos is here and here for a reason should not be a new concept. There are certainly others that have been propounding similar thoughts and with more vigor and eloquence for sure. However, I think there are few that have been doing so as prematurely and thus, for as long as I have. Despite a visceral feeling of eventual financial, economic and societal collapse, developed as early as the later 1980’s, perhaps even as early as the 1970’s when, as a young pup, I wandered the Tuscan hills for a year of escape reading the words of the great existentialists and carrying around in my wallet a quote, among the last written words of young Anne Frank, about the coming thunder while drinking massive amounts of Chianti, I remained optimistic on financial markets until the last months of 2006.

It was then that my confidence in the global credit system and the financial powers that controlled it collapsed into the abyss. An abyss where I already had placed my increasingly disgusted and fearful knowledge based views of the entire propaganda supported crony capitalist fascist architecture of the ruling transnationalist power elites, a group that I was, at least for a while, able to dance around the fringe of, having had a chance of entering its gilded gates of what I have now come to believe is hell, not heaven. So, really since 2007 I have not been willing to participate in what I call the monsters last gasp.

What is the this last gasp? For those old enough to remember the classic monster movies of our youth, yes many of them in black and white, there was a persistent pattern to the story lines, much like the repeating patterns of the false flags and planned chaos erupting around the world all orchestrated by power-hungry actors in a play that was written long ago. The monster surprised the innocent citizens leading their mundane existences, oblivious to the coming tragedy about to befall them, but was finally valiantly defeated by the tragic hero, who always met his death killing the beast in the process or so we were led to believe. Then accompanied by gasps from the frightened audience, the monster makes a miraculous recovery and renews its assault on humanity wreaking one last voracious destruction of some edifice that represents the frivolity of humankind, a famous building, a roller coaster or some other structure only to give out its last gasp in the death throes  of the wounds already given.

beast-and-roller-coasterWe are witnessing the monsters last stand. Despite the fact that we have seen the movie many times before, we sit in awe of the beasts strength and fear its destructive power. The monster is the creation of a powerful elite, an elite comprised of the financial, corporate and wealth powerbrokers and the many organizations they control from foundations, think-tanks, media and universities to almost every facet of the lives of every citizen of western civilization. This monster, designed many years prior, but finally given the jolt of energy needed to truly live and begin its insidious, all but unavoidable, path of destruction; the destruction of America and perhaps the entire world that has accepted its powerful but deadly embrace, is gasping its last breaths.

However, with its dramatic death swoon it will take with it many, many of those that were drawn to watch in awe its apparent indestructibility. The monster is the Federal Reserve and the fractional reserve credit based banking system it spawned, its birth was 1913 but designed many years prior. It has almost died many times, but seemed to arise ever stronger and more deadly. The wounds are now overwhelming. It is time for its death, but with it will come the collapse of the West.

apophisIt has served its masters well. However, as in the classic genre I allude to here, do not think we are close to being saved, for if you recall, these movies really never end, there is the brief glimmer of something else hidden in the depths of the sea or the frozen ice of the Antarctic, the monster had a mother. In our reality, this mother is the planned tyranny of a totalitarian police state. No wonder the outrage from West is so muted over the authoritarian tyrant Erdogan’s rapid, clearly well thought out, destruction of the remaining vestiges of Mustafa Ataturk’s constitutional sectarian Turkey. He is just getting a jump on what is coming for all of us; the monster’s mother. Hear it roar.

Rest assured, there is more shock and awe to come in 2016. Now is the time to prepare for full-blown crisis if you have not done so already.

We are a little over halfway through 2016 and, at the current rate, it will be a miracle if the year finishes without outright catastrophe in half the nations of the world. Some might call these events “Black Swans,” some might call them completely engineered threats, others might call it all a simple “coincidence” or a tragedy of errors. I stand strictly by the position that most of the dangers we see today have been deliberately escalated, if not strategically implemented.

Here is the problem; international financiers and globalist nut-jobs are clearly operating on a timeline with the end goal of creating enough general chaos to convince the masses that complete centralized authority over every aspect of our lives is preferable to constant fear.

For a more in-depth analysis on the schemes of the elites, see my articles “Are Globalists Evil Or Just Misunderstood” and “Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization.”

In order to elicit this kind of thinking from the public, crisis events are required that will cause many human beings to act, for the most part, like rabid animals. How would this be accomplished? Well, what does history tell us about that which inspires people to sometimes sacrifice their moral code or to bow down to tyrants? Usually a loss of necessities is required — including a lack of employment, lack of production, lack of serviceable shelter, lack of ample food and clean water, lack of medical care, lack of overall security and a sense of safety, etc.

The question often arises: “Why would the elites need to create crisis at all; don’t they already have control of the world?”

Potential Crisis Triggers Continue To Pile Up In 2016

Source: Potential Crisis Triggers Continue To Pile Up In 2016