The Power Of Centrifugal Forces May Not Be Enough

One of the major battles in the deadly war for the soul of this nation, one that America has now been fighting unaware for generations now, is simply one between two forces; the forces of bureaucratic centralization, the centripetal force and the centrifugal force of technology. All bureaucracies seek to expand their power and reach, it has been so since the beginning of organized government and corporate power. As power becomes increasingly centralized and the bureaucracies of the Administrative State, supported in a symbiotic relationship by the increasing power of a limited few truly transnational corporate enterprises that have equally concentrated power under the dictatorial governance of a ruling elite, sucks the lifeblood out of all forms of organized resistance, the level of its malevolence and evil expands exponentially.

Technologies , since the beginning of organized human civilization, are inherently decentralizing. Thus, for millennia upon millennia the ruling elites that seek to concentrate their growing power over humankind attempt to suppress or destroy the natural path of the power of knowledge decentralization and democratization that has been the driving process of technological innovations since the first knowledge transfers circumvented the priest kings, who gave legitimacy to the ruling powers of the time.

There is, in fact, only one way to save this nation and return it to its founding principles based on liberty, individual sovereignty and the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and natural law, and that is devolve the centralizing, technocratic, totalitarian Administrative State’s powers back to the individual sovereign states. If California decides to secede or remain in the Union of the United States, it is their right to do so. However, the penalties will be extremely harsh and these will be inflicted not by an vengeful bureaucracy back in Washington, but the vote of the businesses and talented people that will likely decide to leave the Socialist Republic of California to it’s debt, insane irrational ideologies and the radically corrupt democratic politicians that have bankrupted the state. As it was designed to do, the balancing of competing tax and interventionist policies of each state will always, over time, result in all of the states adopting competitive policies acceptable to the average citizen within each state that seek to retain it’s vital talents.

The issue of succession really comes down to the exact some one that faced Abraham Lincoln: economics and the power of the hidden state (yes the same powers existed then, albeit in a far more muted level of control.) The cabal of money and political power, the threat to Northern interests with the succession of the cotton producing South, this was the force that guided Lincoln’s hands, not slavery. The ruling power elites that occupy the Hidden and Covert State and their brainwashed minions in the massively bloated bureaucracies that support them in Washington are threatened. They will never allow States Rights to reign supreme in this nation. They will never relinquish their power and control, never without a civil war. However, unlike the plain issues of economics and finance that ruled in 1861, today the elites are even more frightened that their evil, their treason, their pedophilia and rampant disregard for the laws of men and of this nation can never see the light of day, let alone the gavel of the courts.

We are at grave risk–the elites feel cornered, they will fight back viciously no matter how many die or are imprisoned as a result. They have been doing exactly that since Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency by the people of America. If the dust is ever allowed to settle, supported by recent independent academic research, even that of a Hispanic organization, it is very likely that the exact opposite of the mainstream medias incessant trumpeting (pun intended) of Hillary Clinton’s popular vote count will be proven false. It appears that there were well over 5 million, if not  a few million more, illegal votes cast and the President Trump won by a landslide. However, it only takes a well organized minority to destroy America. It is going to be a very hot spring and summer and not from global warming. 

California, Nestle and Decentralization

Nestle USA has announced that it will move its headquarters from Glendale, California, to Rosslyn, Virginia, taking with it about 1200 jobs.  The once Golden State has lost some 1600 businesses since 2008 and a net outflow of a million of mostly middle-class people from the state from 2004 to 2013 due to its onerous tax rates, the oppressive regulatory burden, and the genuine kookiness which pervades among its ruling elites.* A clueless Glendale official is apparently unconcerned about the financial repercussions of Nestle’s departure saying that it was “no big deal” and saw it as an “opportunity,” whatever that means!

The stampede of businesses out of what was once the most productive and attractive region in all of North America demonstrates again that prosperity and individual freedom are best served in a political environment of decentralization.

That the individual states of America have retained some sovereignty, despite the highly centralized “federal” system of government of which they are a part, has enabled individuals and entrepreneurs living in jurisdictions that have become too tyrannical to “escape” to political environments which are less oppressive.  This, among other reasons (mainly air conditioning), led to the rise of the Sun Belt as people sought to escape the high taxes and regulations of the Northeast to less burdensome (and warmer!) southern destinations.

This can also be seen on a worldwide scale.  The US, for a long time, had been a haven of laissez-faire economic philosophy, which, not surprisingly, became a magnet for those seeking opportunity and a higher standard of living.  No longer is this the case as increasing numbers of companies and individuals are seeking to avoid American confiscatory tax and regulatory burdens and move “offshore” or expatriate to more favorable economic climates.

-California Nestle and Decentralization

Source: California, Nestle and Decentralization | Antonius Aquinas