President on Ebola in U.S.: ‘I’m confident we can prevent a serious outbreak’ | Bull S…!

They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening By lack of understanding they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything, and what they swallowed did them no harm, because it left no residue behind, just as a grain of corn will pass undigested through the body of a bird.–George Orwell, 1984

As the Ebola virus is being ingrained in our minds from every source of media available almost anyone reading these words has already been engorged with enough information about the spreading deadly disease to make ones head explode, and as I profess no specialty in infectious diseases or medical matters at all, for that matter, it is a subject that I will let others expound upon. However, our governments response to its spread, the American people’s response and the direct, possibly severe economic effects are claimed within my bailiwick.

dd395-Suit-siteFirst, and most importantly, it is necessary to once again sound the clarion call, do not trust anything this government says about anything of importance, particularly on the subject of Ebola.

Secondly, prepare for the socioeconomic and political effects more than the personal risks of infection for they will very likely be more relevant to both you and your family than the very, very low possibilities of becoming infected with the virus. The economic risks are huge, simply from the behavioral responses of Americans to the deluge of media attention to the disease and its potential spread. The obvious impact on airline travel could be dwarfed by the public’s general aversion to gather in groups in any forum, from restaurants to stadiums, if and only if, there are more cases reported with a wider geographic dispersion.

Whoa be, if the American football fans stopped attending their necessary testosterone absorbing sport of choice and God help America if these events were ever actually cancelled!  Perhaps, though unlikely at this point in the diseases progress, polling stations will be at risk by election day? Let us assume for a moment a more insidious element in allowing the flights from West Africa, whose logical basis espoused by the CDC Director is as surreal and irrational as anything being puked forth by this administration, at least since the last time Susan Rice was on the Sunday talk news shows.

Perhaps the power elites know that the game is up, that the machinations of the Federal Reserve to puff up the financial markets to the benefit of the ultra wealthy has played out its generally destructive course and the economy of the United States, along with the world’s is about to fall off a cliff into an abyss from which there is no escape, which is inevitable soon anyway, what better cover than to blame it on Ebola.

Yes, indeed, all would have been well if that damn Ebola did not invade our soil, along with the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, a problem that, once again no one is paying attention to any more. A convenient excuse not only for the collapse in our economy, but for the imposition of radical policies of martial law, forced quarantines and other coercive actions of a State whose only behavioral response to crisis is to impose great control over the nation. It is the response of all States. Never, ever, let a good crisis go to waste.

Michael Savage: ‘If You Like Your Ebola, You Can Keep Your Ebola’

Dr. Michael Savage explained in an interview on Saturday that the U.S has sunk to the level of the Soviet Union in the 1950s, where government-controlled science and a government-controlled press were a way of life.

“There are no more independent voices that we know are in medicine or science anymore,” the conservative radio icon told Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM Patriot, channel 125.

Marlow introduced Savage as being on the front lines, along with the Drudge Report and Breitbart News, in alerting the nation about the threat of Ebola at home. The radio broadcasting giant just finished his thirtieth book, which he promises will be his last non-fiction work, called Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth.

Savage, not known for pulling his punches, came out swinging in the interview, stating that he holds Obama responsible for intensifying the Enterovirus D-68 epidemic in the U.S. with “his unaccompanied minors from Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, where the virus is endemic.” Now that American children are getting D-68, which Savage referred to as a mystery virus, “Not a public health official in the entire nation will even ask the question: could it be related to them,” he says.

Savage, a PhD from the University of California who studied epidemiology as well as botany and nutrition, has been studying epidemics for a long time and insists that the Obama administration has violated “every rule of science, medicine, public health, and epidemiology.” He said passionately, “What Obama is doing is a crime against humanity. There is no other way around this, it is all lies.”

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Ebola has become the October surprise of this year’s midterm elections, with Democrats and Republicans doing battle over everything from restrictions on travel to the disposal of a victim’s remains.
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An epidemic of fear and anxiety hits Americans amid Ebola outbreak – The Washington Post

Ebola started as a faraway thing, and that was scary enough. Then it jumped to a Dallas hospital, where one man died and two nurses were infected. On Wednesday, Ebola took a different kind of leap — a psychological one — as concerns spiked nationally about how the threat of the virus might interfere with commerce, health and even daily routines.

As authorities disclosed that an infected nurse had taken a flight from Cleveland to Dallas one day before showing symptoms, Ebola moved closer to becoming the next great American panic — an anthrax or SARS for the social-media age.

Across the country, workers and travelers took symbolic safety steps, wearing sanitary masks or lathering with hand sanitizer. Airline stocks fell as investors bet on a slowdown in travel due to Ebola concerns. Children living near Washington Dulles International Airport told a psychologist about their fears of contracting the disease.

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Why Has Obama’s Ebola Czar, Nicole Lurie, Been Missing In Action? –

Preparedness: Earlier this week, Sen. John McCain called for an Ebola czar, not knowing one already effectively exists. Why should he, since Nicole Lurie, M.D., M.S.P.H., has been completely M.I.A.

You have to wonder sometimes if anyone in a leadership position in the Obama administration bothers to show up to work these days.

Case in point is Dr. Nicole Lurie, who arguably should be front and center in planning for and responding to the Ebola outbreak.

After all, it’s right there in her job title. She’s the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, a position created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that reports directly to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Her mission, according to the HHS website, is “to lead the nation in preventing, responding to and recovering from the adverse health effects of public health emergencies.”

Lead? Well, maybe she’s leading from behind, because Lurie’s been nowhere to be found since Ebola showed up on U.S. soil.

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President on Ebola in U.S.: ‘I’m confident we can prevent a serious outbreak’ |