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Rest assured, oh yea doubters of the corruption, sexual degradation and the depths to which American and Western Civilization has fallen, not only will the pedophile Prince be excused, but so will the sins of Clinton and the rest of the depraved beasts that occupy the seats of power. This whole issue will find its convenient way off the pages of the very few papers that have even bothered to discuss it, for to provide glimmers, even slight peaks, of the reality that is our decay will not be tolerated. The sick society of complacent people being led by the ring in their noses to their total slavery deserves no less.

world_bombI have been absent, with only occasional blurts over the past few months because I have been so damn depressed by not only by the accelerating planned chaos all around us, but by the continued capacity of the American people to remain so stupidly, blindly numb to it. We clearly have reached the point where the power elites no longer even have to waste their time creating the fog of illusion with lies and corrupted propaganda, we have become so brainwashed as a people that the truth, even when staring us in the face will not persuade our enfeebled minds to see it. For most Americans now, reality is now 100% the fiction and the lie and nothing short of total collapse and the resulting full police state tyranny will awaken us, perhaps not even then.

The clock is ticking and time is short. If you cannot now viscerally feel the impending total chaos and see the dark abyss that our nation and the world are teetering over, you likely never will. I apologize for the crowding of your email server with old information from posts I have saved but never sent–fortunately, there is always the delete button if it is all redundant information or just repetitive of a theme you wish to not disturb you comatose state of joyous anticipation of the baseball season ahead and the arrival of the Game of Thrones this Sunday. I will admit to the later, hopefully to provide some relief from the depressing truth of our impending socioeconomic and geopolitical collapse.

I will leave a few final thoughts, a summary of a few key trends that I have voiced over the past few years: War is coming, domestic police state tyranny is coming, if not already here, the financial markets are deep within the greatest period of American and global mass delusion in humankind’s history on earth, our political system has never, ever been as corrupt, bordering on evil, as that which now exists in Washington and throughout the land and there remains a very real possibility that the turmoil that is inevitable, if not purposefully planned certainly well understood by our power elites, could well lead to the narcissistic pig in the Oval Office, who is but a puppet of the hidden state, postponing the November 2016 elections. There remains absolutely no way that this administration will hand over this government to anyone but Hillary, though Jeb Bush is a close second, for the depths of corruption and the extent of the destruction of the rule of law and the American Constitution is such that the truth can never be disclosed.

We are headed into very, very dark times, and pedophilia, the seeming prerogative of the rich and powerful will know no restraints, but be the least of our concerns.

images pedoA US judge has ruled that sex allegations made against Prince Andrew in court papers filed in Florida must be struck from the public record.

The Duke of York and Buckingham Palace strenuously denied the allegations in the court documents that he sexually abused a 17-year-old girl who claimed she was used as a sex slave.

Kenneth Marra, the federal district judge in West Palm Beach, has now rejected a bid by two women to join a lawsuit against the US government over its handling of the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier and convicted paedophile.

He ordered that the claims made by one of the women involving the Duke and several prominent Americans in the filings lodged by her lawyer must be removed from the court record.

The Duke was never accused of any offence and he strenuously denied the claims of the woman, who was referred to in court papers as Jane Doe 3 but who later identified herself as Virginia Roberts, now 31. A Palace official confirmed that the Prince has been briefed on the latest developments.

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