The Prince Delivers Scathing Message To Muslims, Causes Islamic Firestorm

Obama should take a lesson in reality from the Prince, and not the one that sang “Purple Rain.” Sharia Law has no rights over English law, period. Radical Islam is an evil that must be stomped out everywhere and if it be called a holy war or a crusade, so be it. The Prince is the “defender of the faith” however, unlike Obama, he is the defender of the Christian faith.

shariah-law-pictureAll cultures are not equal. All religious faiths are not equal. The defense of life, liberty, faith, culture and law, of civilization itself against Islam requires before all else, the death of PC cultural relativism. The secular humanism of the transnationalist Fabian socialist progressive movement must also be buried. There is a war on and it is not just against Islam, it is against those who believe that Western Civilization should be diminished, if not annihilated and replaced with the humanist manifesto dictated by an all powerful global State.  Brexit is far more than just an anti-EU pro-democracy event, it was the first battle against the death of the West.

Charles1Prince Charles is headed out on a six-day tour of the Middle East to deliver a strong message to leaders about Muslims in the U.K., demanding that they follow Western values and stop radicalizing young Britons. He is also taking a “Christian standpoint” and addressing how they treat Christians in their region, which will likely provoke a new political and religious storm, but he’s not holding back or being politically correct in an effort to stop the slaughter of innocent people and the spread of Islam.

In a staunch defense of Britain’s Christian values, Prince Charles denounced the radicalization of young Britons by Islamic fanatics and said they should show more respect to “the values we hold dear,” the Daily Mail reported. Adding that those who came to the U.K. from the Middle East must abide by English values and not force Islam as the way of life for all.

“The radicalization of people in Britain is a great worry,” the prince said in an interview with the BBC’s The Sunday Hour. “The extent to which this is happening is alarming, particularly in a country like our’s where we hold values dear.”

He also addressed the rampant increase in British Muslims becoming extremists in England, through access to Internet resources that have brainwashed them into hate. “It was frightening that young British Muslims were radicalized by crazy stuff on the internet.”

The Prince Delivers Scathing Message To Muslims Causes Islamic Firestorm

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Source: The Prince Delivers Scathing Message To Muslims, Causes Islamic Firestorm