American Elites Support Terrorism–Proof That Those “Moderate Rebels” in Syria are Really Jihadists

The absurdity of everything Obama, particularly after the lead role he and his administration obviously played in the back stabbing of a formerly essential ally, is even becoming clear to some of the ideological shock troops on the progressive left. The failure of the “Fake News” establishment mantra, as well as the clear repudiation of the globalist agenda by an increasingly aware populace seeking to remove the technocratic deep state and the transnational administrative state from their formerly sheep-like backs has sent a silver spike into the bloodsucking vampires of the power elites.

From the repudiation by the majority of Americans to the anthropogenic global climate change total scam to the now almost comical “the Russians did it” bleating of the wounded beasts that have sought our servitude, humanity’s will for freedom and truth, following generations of brainwashing and elite directed self serving propaganda is showing its muscle. Though the embers have been glowing for years,  it is the freedom of information and access to truth and knowledge fostered by the internet and its many dedicated truth seekers, from Breitbart and Alex Jones to the many thousands of YouTube “journalists” and bloggers that has set the fire in the belly of America and the West ablaze.

The decentralization of knowledge and the sacred (truth) has achieved its pinnacle in the technologies of information delivery; exactly as it should be, exactly as it was destined to do.  It has been a long war, one not yet completed. From the priest kings and tribal shamans many thousands of years ago knowledge and information, from the religious to the commercial, was the power that the ruling elites kept encased in impregnable ice. Each technological paradigm transition threatened the ruling privileged class and was fought against vociferously by the those threatened by the diminution of their essential control over truth and reality. Millions died by the sword, the fires of the stake or were wasted away in the dungeons and prisons of the lords of power and wealth whose legitimacy prominently depended on their control over the dissemination of information and the reality they shaped.

As with the English translation of the Latin Bible so assiduously prosecuted by the Pope and Prelates of the Catholic monopoly of Christianity during the Reformation, the technological revolution of the Gutenberg presses could not be stopped and thus ended the absolute powers of the Church. All centralization of control and rule ultimately fails; falling on the jagged rocks in front of the Sirens of humanity’s technological creativity in the pursuit of decentralized information, knowledge and truth. Propaganda, a relatively recent method of elite mass control, is a tool developed by those in power that found themselves increasingly fighting an uphill battle against new technologies of decentralized information flows. It has failed them, at least for now.  

There is light shining down upon us; it is the light of truth. Truth decimated by a decentralized neural network with billions of nodes, billions of participants. As with all earlier attempts to suppress the centrifugal forces of technological progress and the freedom that is derived from access to fact and truth based reality, the generational design to create a globalist, transnational Administrative State ruled by an elite of absurd wealth and privilege, cannot succeed. It is against the laws of human nature and thirst for knowledge that, despite massive scientifically designed brainwashing primarily through the State manipulated educational institutions, has caught the ruling power elites complacently residing behind their gated communities and protected moats of social distance and self anointed superiority.

Technology trumps centralization, it has been so since the first time written language appeared. However, it is unlikely still, despite the obvious writing on the wall, that the powerful ruling elites, the hidden hands behind almost all governments, will NOT go away quietly. There has never been a knowledge revolution that has not delegitimized much upon which the existing order stands, nor without turbulence, death and attempted suppression. The evil globalist cabal of demonic transnational technocrats will not, will not lay down at was very likely the one yard line on the field in the game of tyranny and One World Government. Is it going to be different this time? Perhaps, it may be, but don’t bet your life and family resources on it, as it is highly unlikely. Expect war, orchestrated economic collapse and social upheaval.  

The American war against Syria has been a lie since the very earliest days of the “uprising”. As was the war in Iraq, the war in Libya, the war in the Ukraine, Bosnia, Afghanistan and on and on. . In fact there has not been a war that America has not been directly or covertly engaged in fostering that has not been built on lies. Lies that are always, almost without exception, knowingly supported and propagated by the mainstream corporate media.  How stupid are we? Apparently, not as stupid as they thought. 

Proof That Those “Moderate Rebels” in Syria are Really 

The facade is crumbling on all sides. From mainstream media’s illusion of objectivity to the dissolving lie of the mythical “moderate rebel,” what was once a forgone conclusion, is now exceedingly uncertain. As that may sound unsettling, it is indeed a good thing. Truth may be uncomfortable at times, but to avoid it for a comfortable hole in the sand will most certainly lead to a life of control and mitigation. Many would no doubt prefer the “ignorance is bliss” option, and opt to remain under the unseen controlling hand of the deep state. Yet if we maintain this course, that will no longer be an option.

The idea that the US was funding and training ISIS, at one point, was right up there with flat earth theory to the average individual. In the past few years, if one chose to address the obvious contradictions in the “moderate rebel” narrative or point out the clear connections between the US and those they were meant to be fighting, they would be met with the customary denial, insults and anger. Then something changed; shifted. Whether it was a factor beyond our control or the ineptitude of the bumbling corporate media that ultimately pulled down the veil, within the last year primarily, Americans began to wake up; they began to ask questions; they began to see through the lies for the first time in a very long time.

Source: Proof That Those “Moderate Rebels” in Syria are Really Jihadists