Putin & Trump discuss Syria and US-Russia relations in phone call – Terrific

dddsd523782The Fascist Empire of the United States, which is what this nation has become over the past decades, requires an external enemy to support its military/industrial complex and its domestic total surveillance police state. Add in the threat of domestic terrorism and the picture is complete. Dictatorships,  whether by one leader or many under an oligarchy, always, with always being absolute, require both internal and external enemies to sustain their legitimacy and authoritarian grip. The metastasized tyranny of the American power elites was no different. Until now. Russia is not America’s enemy. It is the enemy of the transnational globalists seeking a flat earth ruled by corporate interests. Nationalism, patriotism and policies that protect the national sovereignty of a State over the interests of the transnational corporate mafia is anathema to the globalist elites and must be destroyed.

From large and powerful nations like Russia to the relatively insignificant such as Iraq, Libya, Syria and those throughout Latin America and the rest of the world the American corporatist empire demands subservience and total access to our domestically domiciled financial and industrial transnational enterprises. Regardless of what form of government is in place in those sovereign nations that refuse to kneel before us, America will find the rational to attempt their destruction, through military intervention, covert black ops or economic sanctions. Putin’s Russia is the big prize. Iran is as well. Then, of course, there is China; although China is a totalitarian political structure its economy was too vibrant, the potential too great and until now, relatively open to transnational corporate interests.

As a result the focus has been on the Balkans, which America successfully opened with a sledge-hammer, the Middle East and Russia. Lebensraum is the need of mid 20th century dictators, not Russia’s. The Crimea was and now is again, Russian and the only warm water access for the Russian navy, as it has been for hundreds of years. It was not “invaded.” It is time to bury the neocons intentionally revived cold war with Russia. Assad has every right to invite the Russians to suppress an American sponsored civil war in the sovereign nation of Syria.  Now, jointly the American and Russian military forces will destroy the scourge of the American/Hillary/Obama/Saudi/Qatar cabal created ISIS. This is good news for all of us. 

US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have held their first telephone call, in which the two leaders discussed Syria and agreed to improve and develop bilateral ties, the Kremlin said in a statement.

In their telephone conversation, the two leaders agreed that they share a common view on “uniting efforts in the fight with the common enemy number one – international terrorism and extremism,” the Kremlin said in a statement published on its website late Monday. The Kremlin added that Putin and Trump also discussed ways to settle the Syria crisis.

Putin and Trump paid special attention to the importance of establishing a stable basis for bilateral relations by developing trade and economic ties between the two countries and working toward “constructive cooperation,” the Kremlin said.

The president and the president-elect agreed to keep in contact by telephone and have discussed the idea of meeting in person.

Next year, Russia and the US will celebrate 210 years since the beginning of their diplomatic relations, which might motivate them “reversing towards pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation that would satisfy the interests of both countries, promote stability and safety around the world,” the statement also says.

Trump’s team has issued a statement saying Putin congratulated the US president-elect on his election victory.

Trump is “very much looking forward to having a strong and enduring relationship with Russia and the people of Russia,” the statement said.