Racism Was Invented In The American Colonies ( What?)

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White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia Indoctrinates Educators, Students

Educators and students from all over the country flocked to the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) in Philadelphia over the weekend. The controversial gathering featured a number of radical ideologies, including those that could only be described as anti-Christian and anti-police.

The annual conference touts itself as an event aimed at fixing a system in which minorities do not enjoy the same privileges that white people have.

EAG News reports that the conference is “championed by a radical sect of educators from the organization Rethinking Schools,” bent on reinforcing the leftist maxim of “white privilege.”  

“Our vision is to build a community committed to dismantling white privilege, white supremacy and oppression, every day, everywhere,” wrote Eddie Moore Jr., founder and president of “The Privilege Institute,” which organizes the event.

Metro reports that this year’s conference was the most well-attended yet, with 2,500 teachers, school administrators, and counselors present. White attendees at the event were targeted and asked to brandish merchandise such as T-shirts and wristbands that bore the phrase, “Got Privilege?”

This year’s conference theme was “Let Freedom Ring, Re-Imagining Equality & Social Justice in the United States,” and focused attention on all that is wrong with America, according to the conference creators.

“Throughout the history of the United States, ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ have been espoused values, which have only ever applied to a very small minority of people,” read the letter to conference participants. “The Constitution supported the enslavement of Africans; the U.S. government orchestrated the decimation of Native American nations; until 1952 Congress prohibited Asians and Latinos from naturalizing as U.S. citizens because they were not White; the Bill of Rights did not apply to persons who were not White, male and Christian.”

White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia Indoctrinates Educators Students

Now be prepared to find yourself bending over your your most prized piece of porcelain for the next day to expunge the absurdity and hypocrisy of the “White Privilege” meme. This is Obama’s America, this it the “change we have been waiting for”?