Rajan warns of Great Depression-like problems in the world -Former IMF Chief Economist-Being A Contrarian on the Titanic…

If not Greece, who? If not now, when? The inevitable happens…always.

screamTo have hope is one of the essential traits inherent to humankind’s survival. Hope is a genetically inherited mental bias that is of a phylogenetic nature. If cavemen (and oh, lets not forget cavewomen, cavetransgendered, cavegay, cavelesbians and least but not least, cavebisexuals either) did not have hope when confronted with the prospects of being eaten by the approaching Sabertooth Tiger, all of these folks would never even have attempted to flee, and according to the rabid anti-human environmentalists, the rest of the world would be better off today. Hope, is fine when it drives reality based actions of survival. Hope that the Sabertooth Tiger will simply charge by you or be killed by an act of God before it pounces upon your flesh, is the action of a fool. More than likely a soon to be dead fool.

There is such overwhelming evidence and prodigious volumes of intellectual support for the currently unfolding (still, since 2008) economic, social and very likely geopolitical crisis that only a fool can possibly think that hope alone can save us from the oncoming calamity. Our society has been brainwashed by the wealth and corporate power elites into believing in the miraculous.

Simply, hoping that because the Federal Reserve and the government in D.C. spent trillions of dollars to bail out the very same manipulating con-artists and transnational capitalist elites that drove the financial system to the brink of the abyss, that we can all rest assured, for “they” can simply do it all again, and again and again until the collapse is some other generations problem, is to court your own demise.

rich on titanicTo assume that the marketplace, a power ultimately far greater than any actor on the current world stage, can be tamed forever by the false gods of government and the Fed is a delusion that has been created by those that are still robbing all of us blind. As these elites build up their wealth and their protected power bases the rest of America and the people of the world are being set up for something that is going to be far more painful, disruptive and dangerous than anything experienced in the less than 300 years of capitalist history.

Willful blindness or lobotomized complacency that this tiger will either pass you by to feast on your neighbor, or worse to be one of the vast hordes of the brainwashed and mind manipulated that uncontrollably believes that the overarching “THEY” will not let the tidal wave approaching wash you away or even hit our shores, is like playing a game of Russian Roulette with a fully loaded pistol.

It is time to run. It is time to head for your caves and try and keep the hungry, voracious tiger at bay. No matter how rationally you may have discounted the risks ahead to your wealth and health, assuming that the Cassandra’s of Doom will engender a sufficient government response to prevent the inevitable as they have in the past, is a risk not to be undertaken. We are being played for the stupid, docile fools we have become.

The folks on the Titanic that were of a contrarian bent all perished.

Global economy is “slowly slipping” into Great Depression-like problems of 1930s, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has warned, asking central banks from across the world to define “rules of the game” to find a solution.Rajan, who is among the few to have predicted the 2008 financial crisis, said the problem was a “broader” one and for the entire world — not just for industrial countries or emerging markets.The former IMF Chief Economist, who has earlier warned against competitive monetary policy easing by central banks globally, said the situation is different in India on this front and RBI remains more focussed on bringing down the lending rates to spur investments.”We need rules of the game in order to effect a better solution. I think it is time to start debating what should the global rules of the game be on what is allowed in terms of central bank action,” he said at a London Business School (LBS) conference here last evening.”I am not going to venture a guess as to how we establish new rules of the game. It has to be international discussion, international consensus built over time after much research and action,” the Reserve Bank of India Governor said.

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Source: Rajan warns of Great Depression-like problems in the world – Moneycontrol.com

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Hell, even Bill Gross is going to be right at some point!

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