And what, may I ask, has ever been done about this now totally transparent, rampant pedophilia in Hollywood? Nothing. I might add that the higher up the Hollywood food chain one goes, the more disgusting, perverted and satanic becomes the behavior of the cult. It’s power and control and these are far from unique to Hollywood. What happens in Hollywood does not stay in Hollywood, so who in their right mind can think that the powerful, controlling egomaniacs in Washington are immune to this evil? 

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If there is a devil, he could not do a better job at destroying the morality of America and the West than the power elites from Washington to Hollywood have done. This is why Pizzagate and all the degenerate predators that presume to be human beings that occupy positions of power whether it be derived from wealth, politics or entertainment must be brought into the light. Perhaps, after the nation weeps and wretches its guts out in the bloody sewers of this abomination, we can find our nation’s moral and religious compass once again. If not, many more children we be sacrificed on the gruesome alters of lust and Satan and America will be as damned as Sodom and Gomorrah. 

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