We Have Been Raped and Refuse To Admit It.

After rereading the attached economic/political piece, I realized that my ADD got the best of me and the all too quick first reading was also clearly prone to my own cognitive dissonances. It turns out that if one replaced the words monetary policies for that of the authors Krugmanesque views on the positive impacts of deficits and fiscal stimulus the conclusions remain the same.

Buy-it-forward Keynesian policies helped to get us to the precipice, but it has been the absurdly biased monetary policies emanating from a central bank founded in secrete by bankers, owned by bankers and whose policies have been, and will always be, in favor of bankers. The ultimate beneficiaries of our monetary policies over the past seven years is Wall Street and the uber wealthy owners of the vast majority of global capital.

We have been taken, conned and drained–on purpose and with malintent. This is the definition of criminality.

Myth of the Land of the Free; they have accepted creature comforts, lavish entertainments, and the illusion of security as good substitutes for living in a free country. Such disregard of reality allows them to drift steadily toward a whirlpool of tyranny from which they will be unable to escape.

===Delusions of Power: New Explorations of the State, War, and Economy (Robert Higgs)

martial_law_obamaGet as liquid as you can, own gold and eliminate as much debt as you possibly can. Get prepared for tough times ahead. Be vigilant against the rising tyranny of the total surveillance police state. The Federal Reserve, the banks, Wall Street, the transnational elites are not your friend, they are your enemy and will pursue policies, as they have so obviously over the past several decades, that enhance their wealth and power. They will never relinquish what they have garnered willingly, to the point of severe violence and repression.

It is not different this time, we are not a different form of human being or civilization than those that have risen and fallen into bloody tyrannies over history. To think so, is the height of hubris. Hubris is the greatest of cultural sins. 

The Chart That Explains Everything

  • Why is the economy barely growing after seven years of zero rates and easy money?
  • Why are wages and incomes sagging when stock and bond prices have gone through the roof?
  • Why are stocks experiencing such extreme volatility when the Fed increased rates by a mere quarter of a percent?
  • It’s the policy, stupid. And here’s the chart that explains exactly what the policy is.

1319143356_tri20laterals_xlargeBasic economic theory suggests that when private sector can’t spend, then the government must spend to offset deflationary pressures and prevent a major slump. Cutting the deficits removes vital fiscal stimulus from the economy. It’s like applying leeches to a patient with flu symptoms thinking that the blood-loss will hasten his recovery.

It’s madness, and yet this is what Obama and the Congress have been doing for the last six years. They’ve kept their hands wrapped firmly around the economy’s neck trying to make sure the patient stays in a permanent state of narcosis.

That’s the goal, to suffocate the economy in order to reward the thieving vipers on Wall Street. And Obama and the Congress are every bit as guilty as the Fed.

The Chart That Explains Everything

Long, but excellent review for the uninitiated and the “expert” of the giant con game that the extreme financial/banking system and its acolytes has foisted on the American people and the nations of the world. Total acceptance of the Anglo-American fractional reserve credit based system had to become universal before the systemic flaws of an entire world “buying-it-forward” became so overbearing that the entire system, not of just of a few nations, but all nations, collapses. Wealth has been transferred on a scale never before seen by the power elites. Collapse is coming, revolution is coming become aware.