The Raping Of Europe Accelerates and American News Refuses to Report it! Why?

Obama says, Bring em in!

768c58079876e1d0cb920d5f06dd9992Let the criminals and sexual deviants rule our streets, destroy our civilization, dismantle Western/American culture, rape our women and keep us cowering in our homes afraid to go out onto the streets of our own towns and cities.

But, then again, the purpose of this absurd passion for Islamic culture, a meme propagated by the cultural Marxists and Fabian progressives, is to destroy this nation and in order to lay the groundwork for the global world order that will allow no Nation and no patriotism except that which is bound to the technocracy of the ruling elites. We are being led to the slaughter like the brainless, entertainment opiated sheep we have allowed ourselves to become.

Why worry about any of it, when you can be mesmerized by the disgustingly fat ass of Kim Kardashian? 

Muslims fabricate the excuse “severely intoxicated” for a purpose. One is to put the blame on the West which permits the sale of alcohol (they often use the argument in court) even if they can all get access to alcohol in their own countries. The second is to pretend they were not aware or conscious of their actions. But rape is not an exception in Muslim countries. It’s the norm. .

Austria Merkel Muslims rape exchange student onnbsptrain

Source: Austria: Merkel Muslims rape exchange student on train | The Muslim Issue

Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population

92f96c60f2acc8c908219927740bb946The total Muslim population in Sweden is estimated at 4.4% (2013 figures). Out of that 4.4% and in deducting the women and children, we can roughly guesstimate that around 2% are male. The foreign rape figures at 77.6% Muslim has been anonymously confirmed by Swedish polish in a phone conversation. The actual figure could be higher. These percentages do not include Muslims with Swedish citizenship contained within rapes in the figures categorized under “Swedish nationals”.

Shocking Sweden is now the RAPE capital of the West Here’s why

 GERMAN Justice Minister blames mass sexual assaults by Muslims on those “sexy billboards” and wants them banned.