Reagan’s 50th Anniversary Goldwater speech & a little Bill Whittle ( less eloquent but relevant)

50 years ago today…..Barry Goldwater, for whose campaign for President this speech was given was actually one of the last true great hopes for America. Hope against the New World Order and against the welfare state. He was a libertarian who was willing to defend America and yet at the same time, not a defender of the emergent, yet soon to become, all powerful Military Industrial Complex. A politician who warned of the perils of the corporatist fascism that was already the determining presence in domestic and foreign policies. He warned of the ruling cabal from the CFR and other. more secretive organizations and of the monopoly capitalists set on destroying the sovereignty of this nation.

Churchill was more than correct, as the murderer of hundreds of thousands of British and Australian soldiers at the insanity that was Gallipolli, the rabid racist who forced the starvation of over 6 million Indian Bengali’s during WWII, to the irreverent gassing of the Kurdish “Wogs” and his seriously considered proposal to gas all of Germany during the war, the victors do, indeed, get to write their own history.

Goldwater’s acceptance speech in 1964 was taken by the ruling elites and their controlled media mouthpieces and warped beyond any relationship to the intention of his words. There was no way that he could be allowed to win. We have not really lived in a democracy for many, many years. And thus it has been forever since. But Reagan’s words and intent could not be impeached and they have lasted resoundingly for the last 50 years. They will likely become even more poignant in the trembling turbulence of the years ahead.

Whittle on the Second Amendment