Reality and the Black Dog Days–(more personal than interesting, I am afraid. So skip if bored)

In a world that really has been turned on its head, the true is a moment of falsehood. —Debord

The disintegrating spectacle, in which the spectator gets to watch the withering away of the old order, ground down to near nothingness by its own steady divergence from any apprehension of itself.

==The Spectacle of Disintegration: Situationist Passages out of the Twentieth Century (Mckenzie Wark)

Freedom is the ability to exercise your will within your rights without the threat of force from anyone else.

By abolishing statism we will achieve a world free of miserable victims and miserable victimizers. We will create a world in which all relations are free of force and coercion. We will see each other as partners in the human experience, united in our desire to live free and realize our potential. We are destined to build a society based on respect and humanity.

==FREEDOM! (Adam Kokesh)

The greatest crime since World War II has been US foreign policy. – Former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark.

We’re going to become guilty, in my judgment, of being the greatest threat to the peace of the world. It’s an ugly reality, and we Americans don’t like to face up to it. I hate to think of the chapter of American history that’s going to be written in the future in connection with our outlawry in Southeast Asia. – Senator Wayne Morse, 1967

==Land of Hypocrisy (Kennie Anderson)

I have been absent from this “blog” for almost a week now for a variety of reasons. I suppose the primary factors have been my struggle with personal demons, depression and finding a way to survive financially, which of course are both rather self-reinforcing issues.

My mother graced the cover of Life Magazine in 1948 among others, was one of whom Walter Winchell would mention when discussing the New York social scene back when radio still dominated. I grew up being driven about the city in a chauffeured limousine, when such things were a true rarity, attended the best boarding schools starting at 11 years of age, graduated from Johns Hopkins University and made more money than deserved on Wall Street at the most prestigious of firms. Thus, the fall into relative oblivion and total pecuniary destitution has been a tad overwhelming to say the least.

I have sold the family silver, literally, all of my art and am now trying to find buyers for a few items that might carry me for a few more months. (If you have any interest in first edition rare books, I have a 1928 House at Pooh Corner and an excellent condition 1894 Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.)  I have mentioned in the past, Straus’s Law of Hubris which states, that the magnitude and duration of the period of hubris is ultimately matched by the magnitude and duration of the fall from grace. It is my fate to fall prey to my own law.

When I was a very young child my favorite destination on a Saturday was Bloomingdale’s, not because of the grandness of the store, which was particularly so to a small boy, no, there was a deeper purpose. For many years there stood, outside the doors of this consumerist palace for the well healed and the less fortunate browsers, a man with deformities and very obvious mental infirmities who sold comic books for 25 cents a book. As a child I loved my DC comics. I still wish my mother did not clean house one unannounced day and throw out what likely would have been a valuable collection in today’s market, but that is not the reason I went to this man. I went to him to give him money. To try and place it in his hands, a process that was many times very difficult as he had a hard time coordinating his hands with mine. I never took a comic book.

For many years, I went to give money to this man in front of Bloomingdale’s in an uniformed chauffeur driven, black limousine. I swore then and for the many years while I was away at boarding school that when I made my own money, not the money always generously given to me in a handshake like I was a maitre d’ at one of my grandfathers favored restaurants,  that I would find those like this poor, crooked, disabled man of my memories and do something meaningful for them. But then I respectively did and I did not. And now I may have lost that chance forever. I think I am being punished for not keeping my promise. I have been humbled for the sin of hubris, among others of course, and am praying that the magnitude of my relative decline, the second derivative in Wall Street parlance, will offset the duration required to cleanse me and free me from my own law, Straus’s Law of Hubris.

The real problem that I face however, despite figuring out how to pay the rent, is my total absorption, bordering on addiction, to peeling back the layers of lies, propaganda, deceiving mythologies and the extraordinarily effective illusions that comprise the surreal, absurdist fiction imposed upon us all by the collective gestalt of a ruling elite that, as it likely always always has, is seeking total control over America and all of Western Civilization, but is also inherently evil.  

Seeking truth is extremely depressing, for the truth is uglier than most would ever want to know. Truisms are true because they tend to be true and ignorance is bliss is one truism that for most Americans seems to work all too well. Unfortunately, it is this same ignorance, that our elites have so successfully fostered, that is leading to our enslavement under a tyranny that we will one day soon awaken to. When the sheep realize that they are in the slaughtering room, it is always too late.

The process has been underway for several generations now and we are coming close to the end, the unveiling as it were. Hearing the cry of the lambs is excruciatingly depressing. It cannot be helped if one is truly stupid, mentally challenged in the language of the PC world, but willful ignorance in the face of evil is a sin almost equal to the initiator of the evil itself. Patriotism, nationalism and ideological blindness can be so easily defaulted to as the defense against the truth, but these are also the sentiments and emotional forces that the manipulators, the illusionist of a forced reality have insidiously placed into your consciousness so deceivingly well that you have no idea that the thoughts are not your own, but are those they want you to hold.

The truth may set you free, but it also may make it difficult for you to function. It is not easy to resume a life when the truth is laid bare. To fit into a world of lies, to maintain relationships with the contented sheep surrounding you at work, in your families and in most human relationships can be stressful. ( That is why, at least for the time being, I prefer my dogs.) But truth and reality will eventually win out over the illusions, perhaps sooner than many would like. For we are now in the final act of a very long running play. To most the play has been viewed as a comic drama, entertaining and somehow remotely fulfilling, but it is far from that. It is a tragedy of epic proportions with little redeeming value but for its seduction of the masses into believing in a reality that is but an illusion surrounding lies and deceptions. It is a play about the destruction of all moral and ethical absolutes, the end of the innate human bonds of family and community, the desecration of all that is holy and purposeful. It a play written by ruling elites chapter by chapter over the generations comprising the rise and imminent fall of modern Western capitalist civilization. It ends with a tyranny unlike any we have yet witnessed. That is, if we allow it.

Unfortunately, I hold little hope that enough Americans will be able to reject all of the falsehoods that now comprise their world views and their consciousness, that is until the very end, when the curtain is finally pulled back. Only then, for a brief moment, will there be a chance for the people, the masses of deluded, drugged and coerced humanity to revolt and take back their freedoms, the rights to their own minds and their own thoughts, not those purposefully placed there by the most sophisticated propaganda machinery ever imagined and falsely presumed to be their own. The more awake we can become, the more truth we can recover before the fat lady sings, the better the chances will be that our children and theirs following will live lives enveloped in truth and freedom, not lies and slavery.

Assume that most of what you believe in of American history since the founding of this nation, what you have been taught, what you think you have independently come to believe is true concerning the “facts” about America and the world are likely false and try and reconstruct as objectively as possible the structures of reality.

A few quick snippets:

  • The financial markets are totally rigged and will continue to delude and blind investors to reality as intended. That is until either enough people wake up and overwhelm the mechanism of control or the powers that be decide they are ready, prepared and protected financially and physically for the deluge.
  • Everything you are being told by the government and the MSM about the Middle East, the war against ISIS, our “allies” and our purposes and national goals is a total lie.
  • The apparent chaos of the world, the decline in a sense of order that permeates the air we breath, is planned and intended.
  • The disparities in wealth will get worse.
  • There will be increased racial tensions and ultimately substantial violence–this too is well orchestrated. While they still can, the assault on the family, on moral and religious, primarily Christian values will accelerate. The nation will continue to be assaulted and torn apart by divisions inflamed by a complicit media.
  • The militarization of the police in America will not be impeded, in fact just the opposite.
  • Election fraud will be endemic. Doctor Ben Carson could be correct with his warning on the 2016 elections. They may not happen. As hard as it may seem to believe this, based on a false sense of American exceptionalism and our almost genetic national superiority, it is an outcome well within the realm of the possible. Prepare for the unexpected, for it is most likely not the result of unconnected chance. ( Notice all of the books and “research” being produced on how common the uncommon and unexpected really is? Did you know that the CIA produced a memo not too long following the assassination of JFK on how to make the word “conspiracy” equated with insanity, fringe elements and subversive?)

Along with my own personal demons, this is why I find it hard not to be depressed. Reality is a bitch.