Reality–Game Over–Freedoms Lost Will Never Be Regained–The Collapse is Coming

 ‘It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.’ Indian philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti 

America is corrupt to it’s very core and the pace of our national and civilizational decay is accelerating at a rate that makes it almost impossible to truly grasp, for the fog of propaganda, pure ignorance and willful blindness has become so thick that it is difficult to even breath, let alone function. The circus that is our politics and the almost incomprehensible moral, ethical and legal deviancy that permeates our nation’s capital is like a blood sucking vampire octopus far greater than any one Wall Street investment bank. But, it’s tentacles are immutably intertwined with a global, transnational system of corporate corruption and the increasingly desperate acts of a dying defiant empire that it is all one, one massive malignant cancer that is in the process of killing off the last vestiges of social rationality, individual freedom and the art, literature and soaring souls that once was Western Civilization. We are on the road to slavery, if not already arrived. 


When we are planning for posterity,” wrote Thomas Paine, “we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.

It is just Human Nature5

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Mind numbing is it not, the Orwellian Newspeak that mocks all who enter the headquarters of the CIA? In fact, these words, carved upon an entrance foyer wall in Langley, are a testament to what a Kafkaesque absurdity our nation’s “intelligence” agencies are. Perhaps this sentence from the Gospel of John should now become the official words of greeting throughout our nation’s capital. For even without an officially designated “Ministry of Truth” and the ubiquitous visage of “Big Brother” staring down at us from every wall, we have become a culture based on lies and untruths that now permeate our everyday existence as if it were the air we breathe.

In addition, when faced with the overpowering undertow of our hidden government, whose agenda is seemingly immune to the rapidly depleting democratic American voice, we have become passive idiots watching our own destruction without any meaningful dissent. America has entered a black hole of ignorance and apathy from which only the most violent burst of energy can save us. As we crossed the event horizon some time ago, we have been accelerating down the path of the inevitable. The inevitable has arrived or will very, very soon. It will not be pleasant for anyone, regardless of wealth or political power but it will be much, much worse for most of us.

It is hard not to be in awe of the state of ennui, of delusional psychosis and willful stupidity of the American population, ever more so of the supposed intellectually attuned class of supposedly well-educated professionals of either party or ideological posture intentionally engage in the support of the illusions that are America. Nevertheless, for a cohort of relatively like minded members of the American elite who should be more versed in knowledge of the inevitable economic laws so blatantly disregarded, there is a sense of Omertà. We remain silent as our economic system is destroyed and the constitution and American democratic order is made a mockery of. We watch, like helpless, mute children as a massively invasive police state is erected, whose all seeing eye is trained to search within, not, as we were led to believe, just in foreign lands.

We seem even more enveloped in a fantasy of our own creation than the poor souls ruled by the visages of the Kardashians and the fate of false American Idols, forgiven for either being brainwashed into stupidity from birth or simply gladly accepting of their cocooned, lobotomized existence. Content to be fed by the hand of the state and molded by corporate propaganda; the optimal American is the docile, force-fed, suckling shopaholic, the debt-indentured servant who cannot afford to suffer the luxury of freethinking and intellectually supported doubts. The Proles of 1984 or the lower castes of Epsilons, Gammas and Deltas in Brave New World come to mind, as we have all become products of Bokanovsky’s process, cloned not genetically but seemingly just as successfully into a state of ordered submission; that is until we aren’t anymore. Do we need to hear the boots kicking down the doors first?

It is astounding how much our world can mirror futuristic fiction, particularly that of a dystopian nature. When opining on the future, the authors of this fiction were clairvoyant, or more likely, just uniquely capable of extrapolating perceived subtle evolutionary trends in society and culture and taking them to their logical natural conclusions. This is not, however, an easy task. The restraints of the concurrent era’s socioeconomic and cultural thought usually entice all but the most immunized to the allure of the ruling elite’s propaganda.

To capture the essential surviving memes and cultural adaptations before they are fully recognized as the future’s normative standards, and not view them as incongruous deviancies from the then perceived state of the human social and political condition, is only achieved by the most fertile and courageous minds. America and a large part of the world we have attempted to lead by either force of arms or cultural and economic assimilation are now an intricately woven fabric of Orwell, Huxley and Burgess with a bit of Conrad and Heller thrown into the pot for added social flavoring. Paine, Jefferson, Madison and Locke, Montesquieu, Plutarch and Polybius to name a few are discarded as the detritus of a white, European Judeo-Christian heritage whose “universal” laws are but anachronistic dinosaurs with bones left to bleach in the sun of moral, ethical and socioeconomic relativism. 

Where this dead-end evolutionary path has led us is to an America unrestrained by critical necessary moral and ethical rules, laws and social mores, not just of the Judeo-Christian heritage, but also of the rationalist’s understanding of human nature and its innate imperfections that require above all else, the supremacy of the rule of law. How anyone can observe the current landscape and not see that the historical progress of the American experiment has, in fact, the destruction of not only this essential primacy of our Constitutional Law, but almost of all laws of restraint, whether they be legal, moral or ethical. And no one seems to care.

All of our core human traits, in any geography and in any cultural environment, have indisputable similarities, if not exact phylogenetic imprints. To have survived the Darwinian competition over millions of years these traits, even the most obscure recurring cognitive patterns, did so for a reason. That reason is very simple-they enhanced survival of the species. For the agnostics among us, original sin is a concept that does not compute, but evolutionarily reinforced tendencies deemed sinful are evidenced throughout the history of man. They have always existed in some form from the very birth of the first stirrings of man’s conscious thought. Humankind has evolved in an uneasy co-existence with seemingly contradictory universal behaviors.

But for the force of religious, cultural, and social taboos and the enforcement of socially acceptable rules of conduct and normative behavior, the long process towards increasing complexity in human social organization would have long ago been foreshortened. Depravity and viciousness, kindness and savagery, egotistic selfishness and selfless altruism, avarice and generosity, honesty and deceitfulness, self-deception and self-delusion; (of which there are no qualified antonyms, so we shall simply say non-delusional, objective self-awareness); all have competed with each other within every man, women and child throughout the history of homo sapiens and its various humanoid predecessors. They exist, have existed and will continue to exist inside all of us and collectively so within our social and political mechanisms. Though we tend to wrap around these innate, incompatible behaviors the relative value judgments of our own particular age, evolution has already passed judgment.

Millions of years of internal and social competitive development have given a pronounced thumbs up on them all. Each human trait and propensity, apparently incongruous; and almost Manichean in nature, with little grey area between them, is in fact necessary for the success of the human species. If it were not so, the less effective, more burdensome and less competitively important behaviors would have been winnowed out of humankind’s gene pool long ago.

Thus, from the earliest cave dwellers to the Ten Commandments of the Bible’s Moses, all the way to the American Constitution and beyond, self-delusion, dishonesty, greed, egotistical and narcissistic self-seeking were all as essential to our survival as their opposite traits, particularly those supported and transmitted generation to generation by society’s moral, religious and ethical codes. The transmission of essential, socially binding and culturally productive mores has tended to be found in the generational transference mechanisms of language, religion and mythology, and with the invention of writing, codified law. However, those characteristics deemed as “bad”, “evil” or “self-destructive” in cultural constructs provided necessary tools to the survival capabilities of the human race. No matter how ethically repugnant or culturally suppressed, they have always been present, ready to erupt. It is easy to understand humankind’s fascination with evil, sin and deceit. We need them.

The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are representations of the Founders’ awareness of the dichotomous nature of the human soul. Our Constitution and the competitive balance of the three branches of American government were designed to protect this fledgling nation from the vagaries of the undesirable, always present, and potentially competitively superior human traits, those considered objectively as ethically unacceptable. Keeping the powerful corrupting influences of the darker side of human nature from becoming dominant, America’s founding minds constructed a government that was to protect us from ourselves. Without these codified restraints, any system of government would eventually fail, the victim of hubris and a myriad of evolutionarily essential sins. A perpetual war exists between honor, virtue, and duty, the products of group selection on the one side, and selfishness, cowardice, and hypocrisy, the products of individual selection on the other side.

Liars, self-delusional narcissists, the powerful and wealthy along with unbridled greed, when unshackled by the absence of restraining social mores and universal ethical codes have appeared more competitively and evolutionarily fit for extended periods of history, while the truly virtuous eras are fewer and of less durability. Our human battlefields are strewn with the bones of competing personalities and civilizations, each similarly imbued with such characteristics. The American experiment was designed, as best as thought possible, to last, but to do this placed restraints on the darker passions, both of a cultural and codified nature. Unfortunately, the design was clearly flawed. For the passage of time since America’s birth has laid bare very likely irreparable fault lines. The evidence of failure abounds, but, trapped within the anachronistic myths and ideological framework that defines this nation, we are blind to it. It will take a larger socioeconomic earthquake than experienced to date to open the nation’s eyes.

The only universally true absolute must be the rule of law. Without its restoration, this nation will follow the same pathway as all others before us. Relative decline is inevitable, absolute collapse increasingly possible. It is, unfortunately, very likely that America is simply following down the pathway of the preordained, made so by the innate evolutionary conflicts between a society of men and men in society.

America has been undergoing one giant evolutionary experiment since 1776. Heed the warnings of those who constructed it, abide by the restraints imposed on human behavior and its social manifestations, culture and governance, and the most likely outcome would be a volatile, but seemingly perpetual success—the longest surviving democratic republic. Succumb to the dark side by disregarding the historical ruins of the all too numerous former empires of national hubris, who failed because of the unrestricted expansionist impulses of an increasingly isolated and powerful ruling elite unbound by the restraints of law or religion– and it is inevitable ruin.

America has taken the wrong path. This leads either to America’s national extinction or to a rebirth of our civilization, ever mindful of the necessary restraints of law, morality and an ethical culture, codified or not. It is beyond folly to believe that we are a distinct race, Homo Americanus. We are not unique. Every prescient warning from the great minds of our founders and the many who followed them that has not been heeded over the past 100 years has led this nation further and further from its intended destiny—the survivorship of a prosperous, democratic state. Yet this fantasy built on myth, manipulated by a collective consciousness that cannot let it go, is about to rapidly disintegrate on the unforgiving, jagged rocks of reality. For reality does exist, so indeed does truth, moral action and, much to the chagrin of liberal relativists, a Manichean world of very strongly defined right and wrong.

There are “truths” that are immutable, and the universe is and always will be subject to them. Not everything is relative, and to assume so is beyond ignorant. It is completely contrary to the evolutionary patterns of humankind. The Constitution binds us together as a nation, or at least it once did. Liberty is not divisible, nor is its violation, yet we all sit in front of our PC’s, ultra-thin laptops and iPads reading almost daily about the rapid erosion of our liberties and the direct attacks on our Constitution, from Washington to our town halls, and do nothing. We play the game according to the rules set by those who we know in our hearts, if not our minds, intend to destroy us. It is too late now, the game is almost over–the people of America and most of the world have lost. There is coming a wave of police state tyranny and social chaos that is far greater than perhaps any seen in human recorded history, for it will be truly a global phenomena.

But fear not for some of us will have an Apple Watch on our wrists as the clock digitally moves towards our national doom.