“Remember the Mason!” – Maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin

uss-mason-2_0American propagandists know what works, so why change a good model? Over and over again the citizens of this nation are manipulated, lied to and effectively scammed into approving our empire’s military engagements around the world. How easily we believe without questioning the statements of fact only to find out many years later they were a lie. How easily we are prone to become jingoistic and unified around lies to the detriment of thousands, and in some cases millions, of innocent lives. To paraphrase what was once said by a high ranking member of George W. Bush’s administration, American political elites can create their own reality and we, the people they were once supposed to serve, have to just tag along and adapt our perceptions to their bent, distorted self-serving creations and accept them as truth.  

Saudi Arabia has and still is committing war crimes in Yemen with American bombs, American planes, American training and American intelligence from the skies. The war they are waging on the people of Yemen is our war, their crimes are our crimes. I had no doubts that the very brief, one or two days at most, publicity surrounding the funeral murders in Yemen would quickly disappear from the American press and thus from the nation’s consciousness and conscience. Clearly, the actions to take out several radar sites utilized by the Houthi “rebels” in their internal civil war contained within their now invaded sovereign nation was designed to send a message, not likely the one presented to the supplicant American media.

Or perhaps, with further provocations, the Empire seeks to end the long drawn out drain on our ally Saudi Arabia by entering the fray. Whatever the future holds for the poor destitute people of Yemen, with America’s engagement directly or indirectly through our authoritarian dictatorship proxy to their North, it will not end until many more thousands of women, children are murdered and the much blood of the innocent spilled in that inhospitable land. There will be no UN mandates, no investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity, for when we do it it’s simply always “collateral damage” in the pursuit of just ends.

Four days ago, after reports that Saudi Arabia had bombed a funeral in Yemen killing 140 mourners, America announced it would “review its support” for the Saudi-led coalition.

Three days ago the USS Mason, an American destroyer patrolling the Red Sea, was apparently fired upon from Yemen. It has gone unquestioned in the Western MSM that the Houthis were behind this attack, despite strong denials from the Houthis themselves.

Yesterday, all thoughts of “reviewing support” put aside, the Americans bombed three “radar sites” that they claim were a threat to their assets in the Red Sea.

Just like that, America is now an active player in the war on Yemen, when before they were simply selling weapons to the Saudis et al.



Source: “Remember the Mason!” – US attacks Houthis in Yemen | OffGuardian