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Indeed, America’s security forces were always aware of the domestic applications of the Phoenix, and the program has not only come to define modern American warfare, it is the model for our internal “homeland security” apparatus as well. It is with the Phoenix program that we find the genesis of the paramilitarization of American police forces in their role as adjuncts to military and political security forces engaged in population control and suppression of dissent. In the wake of September 11, 2001, my articles about the Phoenix program became more relevant than ever before. The third, “Homeland Insecurity,” appeared on October 1, 2001, and predicted that the government would establish Phoenix-style “extra-legal military tribunals that can try suspected terrorists without the ordinary legal constraints of American justice.”

download (70)Washington Post published its “Top Secret America” exposé, which outlined America’s “heavily privatized military-corporate-intelligence establishment.” Lead reporter Dana Priest calls it the “vast and hidden apparatus of the war on terror.”

As Johan Galtung taught us, “Personal violence is for the amateur in dominance, structural violence is the tool of the professional. The amateur who wants to dominate uses guns; the professional uses social structure.” It was perfectly clear, following the terror attacks of 9/11, that America’s elite were creating exactly this kind of criminally legal social structure. Climate change, overpopulation, income inequality, dwindling resources, and other geopolitical factors are pushing the rich into gated communities in every nation in the world. The establishment is preparing for the dystopian future that lies ahead.

The 9/11 terror attacks lifted all the moral prohibitions on militaristic America, unleashing on liberalism the anger and frustrations that the country had cultivated since the Vietnam War. The government, backed by industry and the corporate media, launched the largest psychological warfare campaign ever mounted. Extralegal Phoenix-style programs cropped up everywhere, seen as necessary for protecting the American people from terrorism, and the terrorized public gratefully received them all

In his strategy paper “Countering Global Insurgency” published in Small Wars Journal in September–November 2004, Lt. Col. David Kilcullen called for a “global Phoenix program.” Kilcullen would become one of the government’s top counterinsurgency advisors. Phoenix terms like high-value target and neutralization are now as common as Phoenix strategies and tactics. And the process of institutionalizing the Phoenix program, conceptually and programmatically, is just beginning. Douglas Valentine, February 2014

This book questions how Americans, who consider themselves a nation ruled by laws and an ethic of fair play, could create a program like Phoenix.

====The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam  (Douglas Valentine)

Marshall McLuhan, writing in War and Peace in The Global Village, in 1968 called our attention to an important element of Pavlov’s experiment which has been largely overlooked: “…The work of Pavlov, in revealing the fact of conditioned reflexes, had a totally different meaning for the Russian and the European. Pavlov had been unable to condition his dogs in his experiments until he had completely conditioned the laboratory environments in which they lived. Until precise thermal and auditory controls were introduced into the laboratories the conditioning did not occur. The bell did not elicit salivation. To the European it was not the conditioning of the laboratories but the fact of automatic salivation that created the excitement.

Indeed, the ordinary psychological effect makes no mention of the laboratory conditioning. The Westerner lives in a man-made environment, mechanically conditioned and time structured… “In the new electronic environment,” McLuhan said, “we end the Pavlovian laboratory of mechanical civilization and are primitive once more. Living in a man-made environment, extremely specialized and fragmented, the Westerner was as oblivious of his environment as the Russian is oblivious of his tribal environment, which is neither mechanical nor man-made. Western mechanism has not penetrated the Russian psyche, any more than it has the Japanese psyche. Therefore, to the Russian, the exciting event in Pavlov’s experiment was not the conditioning of the dogs but of the laboratories.

But to the Westerner, the revelation that he was a preconditioned robot, thanks to his own ingenuity and machinations, was a most disagreeable discovery… “…Pavlov was the man who tipped us off that our old mechanical environment and its consequenes were yielding to a totally new environment created by an antithetic technology,” McLuhan said. “The portentous discovery he made was that any controlled environment, any man-made environment, is a conditioner that creates non-perceptive somnambulists…”

The cryptocracy, having discovered the wonders of hypnosis, drugs, behavior modification, and even more revolutionary electronic and sonic manipulations of the brain, learned how to reliably control individual behavior. Whether or not the Constitution protects the individual’s free thought and speech, and whether one regards mind control as bondage or a necessary tool for social engineering, one must recognize that the power to control the mind exists — and is being used.

In July, 1975, the Sunday Times in London quoted a U.S. Navy psychologist who admitted that U.S. Naval Intelligence had taken convicted murderers from military prisons, conditioned them as political assassins, and then placed them in American embassies around the world. This admission came shortly after the Senate Intelligence Committee had scolded the CIA for plotting a number of political assassinations around the world.

From the congressional reports, however, one got the feeling the cryptocracy was being chastised not for the assassinations it had successfully accomplished, but for those which it had attempted, but failed.

===Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psychocivilize You (Expanded Researcher’s Edition) (Bowart, W.)

If you are remotely surprised to read this “news” you are living within the delusional world designed by the propagandist elites. If one is to be surprised at all, it is that this information is coming out now and in one of the major controlled outlets of the covert State. Nothing appears suddenly, nothing is what it seems-and there has not been independent journalism in the mainstream corporate owned world at least since the Saber Tooth Tigers roamed the lands. To think that the rather contained revulsion over the covert states insidious experiments on unsuspecting American citizens stopped because of the inch deep investigations of these programs by the Church Committee in 1977 is to believe in the tooth fairy. The same human beings, the ones without souls and ethical or moral “compasses” that destroyed the lives of many thousand Americans in the years prior, were still in charge afterwards. Muted perhaps temporarily, but more likely simply deeper and more pervasive.

We are not yet all controlled and brainwashed. If there are fissures in the program, it may be that the real battle for the mind and soul of this nation is about to heat up. The evidence of this is becoming increasingly open to see, at least so for those with an independent thought left in their cranium.

WASHINGTON — The American Psychological Association secretly collaborated with the administration of President George W. Bush to bolster a legal and ethical justification for the torture of prisoners swept up in the post-Sept. 11 war on terror, according to a new report by a group of dissident health professionals and human rights activists.The report is the first to examine the association’s role in the interrogation program. It contends, using newly disclosed emails, that the group’s actions to keep psychologists involved in the interrogation program coincided closely with efforts by senior Bush administration officials to salvage the program after the public disclosure in 2004 of graphic photos of prisoner abuse by American military personnel at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

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Source: Report Says American Psychological Association Collaborated on Torture Justification –

Quite proudly Dr. Watson exclaimed, “Give me the baby, and I’ll make it climb and use its hands in constructing buildings of stone or wood… I’ll make it a thief, a gunman or a dope fiend. The possibilities of shaping in any direction are almost endless. Even gross differences in anatomical structure limits are far less than you may think… Make him a deaf mute, and I will still build you a Helen Keller… Men are built, not bom.”

behavior. And Watson was only the first in a long line of American psycho-scientists who were to take the mechanistic path to control of the mind. Pavlov and Watson’s classical conditioning did not, however, go far in producing a reliable science of mind-control. In the late thirties Harvard psychologist Burrhus Frederick Skinner discovered new principles of conditioning which allowed more complete control. Skinner came up with what he called operant conditioning. It was based on the idea that reinforcement (the Repetition of either a positive or a negative response to an action) was at the root of all learned behavior. The distinction between classical and operant conditioning was made only because different techniques were used to elicit the responses. In essence, the effects of either kind of conditioning were the same. 

Aversion therapy is a technique in which an undesirable response is inhibited by a painful or unpleasant reinforcement such as electric shock, noxious odors, or any technique which produces fear and avoidance. It is an ancient form of counter-conditioning, or punishment, which has been widely used in the treatment of homosexuality, stuttering, and alcoholism. In desensitization the subject is first trained to relax beyond his normal state. He is then presented with images which evoke mild anxiety. At first the images are very mild, and they are repeated until the subject shows no anxiety. Then a stronger image is introduced and the process is repeated. Finally the subject becomes desensitized to even the strongest image. Desensitization has been used to relieve people of phobic fears, anxieties, and in deprogramming conditioned responses.

==Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psychocivilize You (Expanded Researcher’s Edition) (Bowart, W.)

Aversion Therapy at Work– 
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