Restaurant Spurns Those Who Are O.K. With AR-15s – The New York Times: WTF?

images progIt is illegal for a Christian owner of a cake shop or for a priest of a Christian denomination to not serve the needs of the LGBT community, but the New York Times apparently believes it is fine for a restaurant in Maine to refuse to serve customers who disagree with her on the Second Amendment?

The rights of private property owners, clearly defended by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is only applicable when the right is executed in defense of the ideology of the progressive, transnationalist fascists that are soon to destroy all of our rights and freedoms.

Things are going to get very ugly and very soon.

A Maine restaurateur joined other establishments in taking a stand against gun violence, but she went further, spurning people over their beliefs as well as actions.

Ms. Verrill went a step further than most, spurning those who support the right to own a particularly lethal type of weapon — whether they own one or not.

She wrote on Facebook in mid-June, “If you own this gun, or you condone the ownership of this gun for private use, you may no longer enter either of my restaurants, because the only thing I want to teach my children is love.” She included a picture of an AR-15, similar to the gun used in Orlando.

“I cannot, in good conscience, accept anyone inside of my restaurants who believes that this is OK,” she wrote

 Restaurant Spurns Those Who Are OK With AR-15s

Source: Restaurant Spurns Those Who Are O.K. With AR-15s – The New York Times