The Revolution Will Not Be Without Bloodshed–It will likely Fail.

Hillary, though you may be tired of seeing the truths about this beast, below is an excellent summary video, with many interviews I have never seen–very, very worthy of your time. 

As to the the now:

Do not think that her defeat is certain, even though it is clear the tides are overpowering the cabal of the power elites and starting to bury this evil woman in the sands of freedom. Though the people’s revolution, regardless of its misdirected energies, appears to have totally caught off-guard the powers that have ruled Washington practically since Hamilton’s success at paving the way for the lords of finance, a majority of them residing in the same empire that American’s shed blood to be free off, with the creation of the Bank of the United States in 1791, it is far from certain that the ruling elites of America will allow power to slip from their hands.

After generations of control, almost to the point of total dominance, the insidious and pervasive criminality, corruption and greed for wealth and power that has been supported in this nation by the lies, myths and ubiquitous propaganda  by the crony finance capitalist elites, the likelihood of the marionettists  relinquishing their strings without a fight is very, very hard to imagine.  

The rebirth of democracy will not come without a great price, if it comes at all. In desperation, as we approach the election; the likelihood of intensifying chaos, both domestically and internationally, orchestrated by those who have the most to lose if democracy were allowed to arise, increases every day.  The more the people’s voices of outrage are heard, the more frightened the powerful will become.

I expect, as I have voiced now for several years that prior to the “election”, America will be at war with contrived foreign enemies and with the American people themselves.  Slights of hand can only occur when there are distractions; war, civil unrest and domestic false flag terrorism have been proven to work countless times throughout history. Why change a proven formula.

Creating a new dynamic by finally pulling the plug on an economy and financial system, supported by nothing but the bloviating hot air of central banks and their totally unsustainable monetary policies, is a perfectly timed addition to the planned chaos that is now upon us all. It is not unexpected.

The collapse of the global economic bubble, built on the premises that a credit based, massively leveraged system of wealth distribution and generations of consuming-it-forward has always been inevitable. It’s predestined death just required the largest players in this game to be collapsing at the same time, this is happening now.

There is no exit.

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