Russian Provocations Challenge NATO on Eve of Summit: Doctor Strangelove Returns?

The sociopaths that rule have no regard for the lives of the masses, they never have, for if they did over 100 million human beings would not have died for totally egoistic power games in the last century. It is insanity to believe that humanity has advanced in such a short evolutionary period beyond one second of evolutionary time…human nature remains the same.

In fact, if anything the Western elites concerted, secular humanist, progressive and cultural Marxist attacks on religion, particularly Christianity  (Muslims will get their dose soon enough as there can be no religion but that of the secular State), the insidiousness of the full spectrum of PC self-destruction of community and social cohesiveness, and the almost total decimation of the rule of law,  has unchained the darkness that lies within every government. Death and destruction on a formerly unimaginable scale may now be considered acceptable, if the elites goals are achieved. 

NATO member states will ink a plan to send more forces to Eastern Europe at a summit in Warsaw that begins Friday, in the face of increasingly hostile behavior from Russian.

The plan to deploy four “robust” multinational battalions to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland on a rotational basis will be solidified at a time when tensions between Russia and the United States are higher than any point since the Cold War.

Russia has been harassing American diplomats in Europe, unsafely buzzing U.S. warships and planes in the Baltics, and bombing U.S.-backed Syrian rebels attempting to thwart ISIS and the Assad regime in the war-torn Middle Eastern nation. NATO’s bolstered force has been met with threatening language from Russia, and the Kremlin’s promise to send troops westward to counter the buildup has already begun to materialize.

NATO member states have been increasingly wary of Russia since its military intervention in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea more than two years ago.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters Monday that the new deployment will realize a plan laid out by the alliance two years ago at its last summit for the “biggest reinforcement of NATO’s collective defense since the Cold War.” The battalions will be led by the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada, and are expected to involve 4,000 troops in total. These battalions are separate from the brigade-size force the Pentagon plans to deploy to Eastern Europe next year on a permanent basis to counter Russian aggression.

“At our Summit in Warsaw, we will agree to further enhance our military presence in the eastern part of the Alliance,” Stoltenberg said. “This is a great contribution to our common security. And a clear signal that our nations will defend one another, on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Source: Russian Provocations Challenge NATO on Eve of Summit

The European War Union |

We’re reposting, in full, a June 28, 2016 report on the newly announced plans for the formation of an EU army (with “employable high-readiness forces” and “standing maritime…

In a joint position paper propagated by the German foreign ministry yesterday, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) along with his French counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault (PS) announced steps toward a political union.  They noted that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU has created “a new situation” with consequences “for the entire EU.”[1]  Berlin and Paris “firmly believe” that the EU provides “a historically unique and indispensable framework” not only for “the pursuit of freedom, prosperity, and security in Europe,” but also “for contributing to peace and stability in the world.”  Therefore, further steps will be made “towards a political union in Europe” and “other European states” are invited “to join us in this endeavor.” 

The EU should become “more coherent and more assertive on the world stage.” It is not only an actor “in its direct neighborhood” but also on “a global scale.”  In their paper, Steinmeier and Ayrault wrote, “on a more contested and competitive international scene, France and Germany will promote the EU as an independent [!] and global [!] actor.”

The European War Union

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