The Rutherford Institute :: The People vs. the Police State: The Struggle for Justice in the Supreme Court

64168_355002827854291_275683962452845_1106846_908859662_nAs the unexpected revolt against the American “establishment”, the power elites that have ruled this nation for more than likely the past century, if not earlier, becomes ever more powerful as it pushes aside their anachronistic and in the case of Hillary, blatantly evil candidates for President in November, America will become an increasingly dangerous animal.

Dangerous to its citizens, to what is left of our shredded democracy, to our freedoms and violently dangerous to any semblance of hope for world peace.

I have been warning of these increasing risks for several years now, with the current year, 2016, marking the final death phase of the “American experiment.” The corruption is far too deep, far too pervasive and systemic to think that the power elites will relinquish control to a candidate not of their choosing. The overwhelming sense of chaos that permeates the air we breath is designed to serve a purpose, even if it is being initiated by seemingly independent actors and causes. That purpose is to confuse, to keep us bewildered, fragmented and castrated.

However, with the unanticipated revolt of the masses, that has taken the power elites and their media propagandists by surprise and the clear rejection of their candidates of choice, we should not be surprised by the ferocity of their repression. Power, particularly that accumulated carefully over generations, will never be relinquished willingly nor gently. It is going to be a very ugly seven months. 

Is it possible that Justice Scalia was murdered to allow enough time for Obama and the Washington elites to replace him with a more compliant judge, one willing to give a constitutional blessing, no more how convoluted and acrobatically stretched the opinions are, to the next phase, perhaps the final phase, of the coming police state tyranny?

largeOf course it is. If the circumstances smell fishy, it is more than likely that there is a trout in the milk. The game is going to become harder to hide as we approach November. We are entering the most dangerous period, perhaps in all of American history. It is so, because the risk is being generated from the rot within and led by the most powerful elites ever to hold sway over our nation’s destiny.

Unfortunately, for my mental health at the very least; my freedoms and my life at the worst, what is coming, in my opinion is already set in stone.

We are toast.

police-state (1)We may not know the gender, the orientation, the politics, or the ethnicity of Justice Scalia’s replacement, but those things are relatively unimportant in the larger scheme of things.

The powers-that-be have already rigged the system. They—the corporations, the military industrial complex, the surveillance state, the monied elite, etc.—will not allow anyone to be appointed to the Supreme Court who will dial back the police state.

They will not tolerate anyone who will undermine their policies, threaten their profit margins, or overturn their apple cart.Scalia’s replacement will be safe (i.e., palatable enough to withstand Congress’ partisan wrangling), reliable and most important of all, an extension of the American police state.

The People vs the Police State The Struggle for Justice in the Supreme Court