Ryan – A Corrupt, Corporate, Globalist Speaker & It Was He Who Was Set Up!

It is entirely possible that the corrupt corporate shill, Paul Ryan knew that the Obamacare replacement, Ryancare, was doomed to failure, or, at the very least, that his remedy would end up as disastrous as the one it replaced, as like its predecessor, it was designed and constructed by the same corporate interests and lobbyists. Either path could end up being an Albatross around the new President’s administration, making it a one term event at best, and even lending fuel to the fire of the anti-Trump impeachment movement.  It is also possible that Ryan believed in his own self-assessment of his charm and power to ram a totally unworkable, corporate supported health insurance bill through a compliant House and further, that his Ryancare was the best available option that on passage would assure him another stepping stone to the Oval Office. With power comes hubris, and hubris to the ancient Greeks was the greatest of sins.

The Health Care Complex, along with three other industry groups, Finance, Chemical and the Military Industrial, Surveillance Complex own the House, Senate, and much of the worms that slither through the halls of power in Washington and across America; the Deep and Hidden State. These powerful anti-American power complexes have their blood sucking tentacles around the American government in a death squeeze that the President has vowed to sever. Paul Ryan has no political ideology, he is entirely beholding to the giant transnational interests that seek to destroy our national sovereignty and subjugate the world to their globalist, one world government agenda.  He was against Trump almost to the end and likely still is. If it served his perceptions of his long term self interest, this totally corporate bought insider would undermine the President without hesitation. But, doesn’t Trump know this?

President Trump appears to have fallen into Paul Ryan’s and the hidden state’s trap. But then again, perhaps not. It is also entirely possible, in fact most likely, that Trump and his inner circle are not as inexperienced and foolishly trusting as this media engorged fiasco appears to make them out to be.  From the very start of the President’s campaign his strategy of baiting the media was of a brilliance totally underestimated by all of his numerous establishment opponents, most importantly the voices of the MSM.  Recently, once again,Trump played them all like a Grandmaster chess strategist. Just follow the path of self-destruction that he let loose with his tweets a few weeks back over the Obama surveillance activities. Weeks of keeping this issue front and center in the corporate anti-Trump national media and out of the mouths of the walking dead in the Democratic leadership and the traitor RHINO’s like Senator John McCain and his lover Lindsey Graham,  with increasingly shrill attacks demanding what they clearly believed was non-existence evidence, only to be, once again, made to eat crow and further diminish their waning power over the minds of the American people. Is it worth it for the future of the American populist peoples revolution to be successful to have lost the short term battle over the disastrous Obamacare, that only would continue on its way to self-destruction, and remove, with cause, one of the more insidious covert players within the corporatist army in Washington?  Absolutely!

Rarely in Washington do pure mistakes or coincidences happen. What has the appearance of such should always be studied with a more objective structured analysis. In the case of Ryancare, which was a health insurance plan that was, once again an an entirely industry supported proposal that would have actually done only slightly less damage than Obamacare, hurt what is left of the middle-class and like the Pelosi idiocy, was to be understood by all only when it was passed and implemented on a patchwork basis, the President, certainly the American people, are better off. Despite the appearance of loss of political currency on the part of the his administration, if Trump can now remove the cancer that is Paul Ryan and do so without prejudice and replace him with a less establishment, corrupt leader to push his policies through Congress, the lost battle over Ryancare will be viewed by history as one of the most brilliant moves on the grand chessboard in many, many years. Ryan must go!