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Chris Hedges: The 1 Percent’s Useful Idiots 

By Chris Hedges

Bernie Sanders, by capitulating to the corporate machine, sold us out. By calling on us to accept “reality,” he mocked the reality his followers made possible. We will have to carry out the political revolution on our own.

The parade of useful idiots, the bankrupt liberal class that long ago sold its soul to corporate power, is now led by Sen. Bernie Sanders. His final capitulation, symbolized by his pathetic motion to suspend the roll call, giving Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination by acclamation, is an abject betrayal of millions of his supporters and his call for a political revolution.

No doubt the Democrats will continue to let Sanders be a member of the Democratic Caucus. No doubt the Democrats will continue to agree not to run a serious candidate against him in Vermont. No doubt Sanders will be given an ample platform and media opportunities to shill for Clinton and the corporate machine. No doubt he will remain a member of the political establishment.

Sanders squandered his most important historical moment. He had a chance, one chance, to take the energy, anger and momentum, walk out the doors of the Wells Fargo Center and into the streets to help build a third-party movement. His call to his delegates to face “reality” and support Clinton was an insulting repudiation of the reality his supporters, mostly young men and young women, had overcome by lifting him from an obscure candidate polling at 12 percent into a serious contender for the nomination. Sanders not only sold out his base, he mocked it. This was a spiritual wound, not a political one. For this he must ask forgiveness.

Whatever resistance happens will happen without him. Whatever political revolution happens will happen without him. Whatever hope we have for a sustainable future will happen without him. Sanders, who once lifted up the yearnings of millions, has become an impediment to change. He took his 30 pieces of silver and joined with a bankrupt liberal establishment on behalf of a candidate who is a tool of Wall Street, a proponent of endless war and an enemy of the working class.

Sanders, like all of the self-identified liberals who are whoring themselves out for the Democrats, will use fear as the primary reason to remain enslaved by the neoliberal assault. And, in return, the corporate state will allow him and the other useful idiots among the 1 percent to have their careers and construct pathetic monuments to themselves.

The 1 Percents Useful Idiots

Source: Chris Hedges: The 1 Percent’s Useful Idiots – Truthdig

What political revolution? Inside the parties for lawmakers and special interests at the Democratic convention – LA Times

Inside the convention hall  and on the steamy streets of Philadelphia, an incensed progressive insurgency is protesting the political power of corporations and billionaires – but the message doesn’t appear to be getting through at the city’s A-list eateries and nightclubs.

High-rolling donors, lobbyists and lawmakers have all converged on the city to conduct business as usual, imbibing at private concerts, making deals over canapes, and swapping invites to intimate corporate events at fancy venues. The choices that lawmakers have for partying with lobbyists seem almost limitless, with each dignitary given a dizzying spreadsheet of their options on any given day this week.

when-corruption-rules_1467329480The convention in Philadelphia – like the Republican event in Cleveland before it – is an unabashed display of the coziness between those who write big checks, and those who run, or want to run, the government. It is particularly conspicuous this year in Philadelphia, when lobbyists are betting Democrats will keep control of the White House. Democrats are not even trying to put on the show of restraint they did in their last two conventions, when they imposed a ban, albeit a porous one, on funding from corporations.

Whatever happened to the candidates being all about the people?” asked John Klein, 33, of Philadelphia, a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, seeking refuge from the crush of convention activity on a shady patch of grass near Philadelphia’s Center City. “It’s all about corporate sponsorship.”

What political revolution Inside the parties for lawmakers and special interests at the Democratic co

Source: What political revolution? Inside the parties for lawmakers and special interests at the Democratic convention – LA Times

Nobody Knows Whos Paying for the Privately Funded Democratic National Convention