Sarin Gas: The Guy Who Told Us So Is Now Telling Us This | New Eastern Outlook

Interesting, not convinced it fits with the transnationalist agenda that sits behind the throne in DC, as it has for the past 60 years, but worthy of considering all the same. I certainly do not doubt that Turkey is using Sarin Gas and with the full knowledge of the US, however. 

gas attackIt has now been demonstrated that Turkey has used Sarin Gas on its opponents in Syria. It got this gas from somewhere, and NATO knows where all the bioweapons facilities are in its member countries. There isn’t any evidence so far to suggest this gas was manufactured in Turkey.

But the Sarin Gas used in the false flag attack at al-Ghouta, Syria, in 2013 came from Georgia. Silverman and Veterans Today exposed where the al-Ghouta gas came from at the time, they traced the shipment. Then no one wanted to listen. So I’ve asked him what we can expect next, and here’s what he had to say.

“The US wants a way out in both Syria and Turkey. It can’t be seen to be defeated or wrong, so it has to have a reason to leave which will preserve its self-image. The best option is a natural disaster. Either it can seed the clouds, as in Vietnam, or it can release pathological agents, which would oblige it to withdraw troops on safety grounds. Then Turkey and the Syrian opposition would have to sort out their own problems, for which the US could not be held responsible if there were officially no Americans in the country.

Sarin Gas The Guy Who Told Us So Is Now Telling Us This