Saudi Arabia court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith – Telegraph

America’s allie, whom all American Presidents have a penchant for kissing their Kings and one even genuflects and bows in apparent subservience is an authoritarian tyrannical “government” and sponsor of terrorists. Where is the investigation into their clear involvement in 9/11 and where has the media been now that the one or two days of attention sufficed and any further attention seems to have been suppressed? The stench of burning petroleum rises from Riyadh to Washington and every capital of the west. And Assad is a tyrant? Gaddafi was a tyrant? But the Princes of Arabia are not.

An Islamic court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to death for renouncing his Muslim faith, the English-language daily Saudi Gazette reported on Tuesday.

The man, in his 20s, posted an online video ripping up a copy of Islam’s holy book, the Koran, and hitting it with a shoe, the newspaper reported.

Saudi Arabia, the United States’ top Arab ally and birthplace of Islam, follows the strict Wahhabi Sunni Muslim school and gives the clergy control over its justice system.

Under the Wahhabi interpretation of Sharia Islamic law, apostasy demands the death penalty, as do some other religious offences like sorcery, while blasphemy and criticism of senior Muslim clerics have incurred jail terms and corporal punishment.

Executions in Saudi Arabia are usually carried out by public beheading.

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via Saudi Arabia court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith – Telegraph.

While America expresses outrage at beheadings by ISIS, it has no problem if such beheadings are carried out in public by its trusted ally, Saudi Arabia.

In fact, ‘beheading’ is a noble profession for the chosen few in Saudi Arabia and are conducted as a public spectacle after Friday congregations. Here a passerby took amateur footage of for beheadings in quick succession as the crowd bellowed out ‘Allah O Akbar’