Saudi Arabia – the creator of ISIS – will not be fighting Islamic State, says billionaire Prince Al-Waleed | The Muslim Issue

Our age is insistently, at times almost desperately, in pursuit of a concept of world order. Chaos threatens side by side with unprecedented interdependence: in the spread of weapons of mass destruction, the disintegration of states, the impact of environmental depredations, the persistence of genocidal practices, and the spread of new technologies threatening to drive conflict beyond human control or comprehension. New methods of accessing and communicating information unite regions as never before and project events globally—but in a manner that inhibits reflection, demanding of leaders that they register instantaneous reactions in a form expressible in slogans. Are we facing a period in which forces beyond the restraints of any order determine the future?
===World Order (Henry Kissinger)

splash_lord_of_chaosAlthough he is referred to as a Saudi Warren Buffet, unlike Buffet, Prince Alawaleed bin Talal is not a self-made billionaire but was born to one of the country’s richest and most influential families and is the nephew of King Abdullah. Al-Waleed owns shares in various international news and media companies, including a lot of property portfolios through the West, London in particular. The prince was accused of drugging and raping a Spanish-German woman Soraya in Ibiza, Spain, in 2008 on his luxury yacht Turama.images (96)

The prince and other members of the Saudi royal family was engaged in a drug and alcohol fueled sex orgy with 30 young men and women. Soraya was dazed and drugged, barely able to keep conscious when Al-Waleed forced himself on top of her. She came into consciousness with intense pain in her genitals and tried to flee the yacht. Al-Waleed refused to attend court or provide demanded DNA related evidence to the rape to prove his proclaimed innocence. Instead, he purchased his way out of the court case and it was dropped in 2012. In 2008 dressed up a tacky group of models (or hookers) pretending they were his ‘palace staff’ and invited Dutch TV vpro into his home. Needless to say, these “palace staff” did not even know the layout of his house when asked by the journalist to give a tour of the house. The journalist was unable to grasp that she was duped.

Like nearly all Muslims, Al-Waleed supports “Palestine” terrorism and invasion of Israel and their demand for a Jew-free caliphate – a Saudi demand made clear in communications between the British government and Saudi leaders in 1915. In 2002, Al-Waleed donated £18.5 million to Palestinians during a TV telethon, thereby continuing to fund Hamas terrorism. In a video interview by US media the prince admitted that his entire country was happy and celebrating when the 9/11 attack took place. Most don’t realize that it was Alawaleed who donated $10 million to the Twin Towers Fund after 9/11 only to have it returned by then Mayor Rudy Giuliani after discovering it wasn’t a donation but rather a political statement pressuring for Palestinian terrorism.

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