Scotland will face ‘painful divorce’, says David Cameron in emotional speech | Tomorrow is a very, very important day for the world.

Civilizations begin, flourish, decline, and disappear—or linger on as stagnant pools left by once life-giving streams. —Will Durant

Government is the natural enemy of freedom. That was the great American truth. Thomas Jefferson was its zealot. He was a radical republican before the word “democrat” was acceptable, keeping feud with the Federalists, who were for strong government; and yet this truth was never in dispute between them, really; the American Government in the republican form was a constitutional, representative, limited government, with the emphasis always on the limited.

If people cannot limit government they will not for long be free. There is in government a living impulse to extend itself indefinitely; and there is in freedom a necessity to resist that impulse. The natural tendency, as Jefferson said, is for government to prevail and freedom to give way.

==Insatiable Government (Garet Garrett)

The pyramid, with its top-down, command-and-control system of centralized authority, has been the dominant organizational model in Western society since at least the time of Plato. The assumption underlying this model is that social order can be achieved only if major decision-making is centralized within established institutions, most notably the state. This view provides the foundation for “collectivism,” defined by one source as “a doctrine or system that makes the group or the state responsible for the social and economic welfare of its members.

==Boundaries of Order (LvMI) (Butler Shaffer)

 Looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without awareness of odour or fragrance, and talks without thinking. 

==Leonardo da Vinci on the human mind

What a pile of garbage erupting from David Cameron’s mouth.

Freedom has its price and in Scotland’s case, the price will far less onerous than then implications as described from those seeking so desperately to maintain the global order. Freedom requires local control of government by the people it supposedly represents, not a government off in some distant capital where greater centralized power is cushioned by immense bureaucracies, international policy constraints and representatives untethered by a strong sense of their local civic responsibilities. Freedom requires the close scrutiny by the governed of those who were elected by them and who have been given the mantle of power in order to represent their interests, preferably a severely more limited government than the socialist, corrupt transnational, undemocratic elite controlled system complacently ensconced in London.  

Without the immense sclerotic socialist bureaucratic system of the United Kingdoms, the elites politically correct disregard for the nations founding civilization, the dangerous undercurrent of immense corruption and the arrogance and hubris that still permeates the upper echelons of power, a holdover from the Empire , Scotland could blossom into one of the worlds brightest flame for freedom and decentralized government. It could become a true democratic Republic.

A return to the principles of the Scottish Enlightenment would send a beacon as far as America, as it did to our nations founding fathers. Succession and Imperial devolution may be the only way the people of this nation can ever return to a state of freedom. Can the evil powers promoting one world government allow Scotland to lite the flame? They will do everything in their power, no matter how corrupt the actions required, to derail a yes vote tomorrow.

It is one of the most critical days, more so than most will ever fathom, but for the deep, hidden state that respects no borders and has no nationality and desires none for all humanity.

David Cameron gives emotional speech to Scottish people(total unmitigated bullshit)

David Cameron has delivered a stark message to the people of Scotland that they would face a “painful divorce” from the rest of United Kingdom if they voted for independence in the referendum on Thursday.

In an emotional speech on his final visit north of the border before polling day, the prime minister warned that a yes vote would end the UK “for good, for ever” and would deprive the Scottish people of a shared currency and pooled pension arrangements.

In a seeming attempt to reach out to voters who might be tempted to support independence to free Scotland from the Tories, Cameron said that he would not be prime minister forever – but a break with the rest of the UK would be permanent.

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Scotland in last day of campaigning before independence vote


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